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I know y’all have probably seen it on social media, but it is MOVING WEEK!  I can’t believe it came so fast, but man are we excited!  This next house and season feels so special to us and we are craving it!  We’re ready to move in, settle, make it a home, and focus on simple things for awhile.

In the progress I shared last week, y’all couldn’t believe we were moving in so soon, haha!  And I’m with you!  Those photos were taken about a week before I shared them…things are moving super fast, so there’s no way to share it in exact real time, but I’m trying to get close.  Y’all wouldn’t believe what happened there last week.  Chris got a bit more carpentry done and the whole house got painted.  One week can make a huge difference when it comes to finish work.

I was initially going to share the mood boards for each room so you had the full vision before I shared paint colors and the room “finished” reno-wise.  But, I decided to do it a bit different this time.  Today, I’m going to share our paint colors and the plan for how we’ll use them!  Choosing paint colors was a bit different for me this time around…while I had a clear idea of where I was headed with this house, it was more of a feeling than exact design elements.  And I chose my colors based off of that feeling instead of what I used to do: designing the entire room first, THEN choosing the right paint color to be the backdrop.

And I actually loved doing it this way!  Color has become a big deal for me in design and mixing colors, so nailing down this “whole house” palette and seeing it come together has been exciting.  In the last two houses, I have created a whole house design plan before starting so that the house flows and feels cohesive (you can see the Stone Cottage design plan here).  For me, that’s about style, but it’s mostly about a consistent color palette for the whole house.  It’ll look different in each room, but there will be enough of my main colors throughout to help it flow.

I tried some things on this house I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do and I can’t believe how it turned out.  When I was going over it all with the painter, I asked him if it was the most complicated paint job he’d ever done.  He chuckled and said, “Not really.”  So yes, haha!  He did ask to take photos of it all at the end, though, to show his other clients because it was so different and he loved it!  

Okay, so let’s take a look at the colors we’re using!

All of these are Benjamin Moore colors and I have to give a huge shout-out to my sweet friend, Eileen from A Creative Day.  She’s one of my dearest friends here in Greenville and we connect on so many levels: faith, motherhood, the journey to be Godly women, and design!  She’s a genius when it comes to color, so I told her the colors I was going for and she immediately pulled out the Benjamin Moore paint deck she keeps on her and said, “How about these?”  And she was exactly right!  So thank you, Eileen, for giving me my dream colors!  I was overwhelmed with all the slightly different shades of the colors I was picturing and from her design background, has a ton of color experience.  She saved me a lot of trial and error on these!

Going into choosing colors for this house, I knew I wanted a few things.  First, I wanted white walls in the main areas: living, kitchen, and dining.  I know that’s a big surprise – I’ve done it in three houses now.  But with an open floor plan like this one and all of the stuff I like to mix, white is a clear answer.  It lets me have more freedom in designing these spaces and layering tons on.  I chose the same white we used in The Buffalo Bungalow: Chantilly Lace.  I love it.  It’s a bit whiter than the White Dove we used to use, but it’s still warm.  But, I wanted something a little different than just white walls.  We loved having colored doors in this house, so decided to do that, but didn’t have a chosen color yet and it still didn’t feel “different” enough to me.  I just was craving a little change.   

I was pacing in our church lobby one Sunday a month or so ago trying to get Dax to sleep in his baby wrap and noticed the trim color.  Our church is a new church plant and just moved into an old church building that they renovated some.  It has so much character and some GORGEOUS thick trim.  They went with creamy white walls and all of the trim was painted this beautiful gray/tan.  It can read as either and is warm and I looooved how it looked against the white walls.  I was describing it to my friend, Eileen, and she immediately flipped her paint deck to Revere Pewter and it is perfect!  We decided to use it on the doors throughout the house, but also on all of the trim in the main areas, the laundry, and the hallway….anywhere that has white walls.   We’re keeping almost all of the original trim in this house and it’s super thick and lovely, so I knew making it stand out with a color would be awesome.

Just like we used dark green in our current house as a theme color, I wanted to do that in the next house as well.  I was picturing a blue/gray that reads as blue, but also neutral.  Eileen suggested Templeton Gray and I loved it!  You’ll see it and shades of it popping up throughout the house and I love how it looks with white and Revere Pewter.

I really wanted to do colored bedrooms this time around.  In our current house, Rosie’s room is a color and every other room is white. I decided the bedrooms were a great place to have some bolder colors since they’re closed off and it’s more of a touch than having it throughout the main areas.  I’ve always loved painted trim and wanted to do it.  I’ve been saving pinned images of it for years.  With the thick old trim in this house, I knew it was the perfect opportunity!  So my goal in choosing bedroom colors were the feel I wanted the room to have and something that worked with the Revere Pewter doors.

I’ve gotten questions about what finish we used and realized I hadn’t shared that!  We went with Benjamin Moore’s Matte finish on walls so that it would have the look of flat (which hides everything!), but is cleanable.  I don’t love a sheen on walls, but flat is so frustrating because it can’t be cleaned.  A stain is there forever!  For the trim, we chose semi-gloss.  While I love for my trim to have some shine to it, the functionality of this choice is the real key…we wanted something that was wipeable!  

Those accent colors you see above are our three bedroom colors!  I’ll share those soon.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll start sharing different spaces all painted and nearly move-in ready!  Seeing this house painted gives me chills…I love it more than any project we’ve ever done!


Thatโ€™s been The White Buffalo motto for the last three years and is still what Iโ€™m striving to do each day in our home and with our family.  Yes, that often means tablescapes, inspiring interiors, and fun before and after renos.  But it also means family.   Faith.  Joy.  Struggles.  Laughter.  Health.  You’ll find a little bit of all of that here as I share how we’re choosing to live with both style and purpose.  
A huge part of that is our journey toward a more natural life that’s focused on enjoying each and every moment together.  A huge thanks to my main blog sponsor that makes this dream of mine possible:

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I love how much you’re loving this project! I think that’s such a sign of God’s blessing to your family as a result of your obedience. Also, I cannot WAIT to see those bedrooms and that trim! I started assuming I knew which colors were for which bedroom, but then I stopped and thought about how you always keep me on my toes, and decided not to even try! Ha ha.