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15 Inspiring Kitchens

I’m thrilled to be kicking off Kitchen Week here on the blog.  As I said on Friday, designing kitchens are my absolute favorite.  Today, I’m sharing 15 gorgeous kitchens that I haven’t been able to get out of my head as I’m designing our new kitchen over at The Buffalo Bungalow.   Yes, I know. […]


The Buffalo Bungalow Kitchen Week

Happy Friday, friends!  I apologize for the radio silence over here this week.  There has been a ton happening behind the scenes and I’m gearing up for a lot of exciting things coming up!  First of all, you guys have been AWESOME.  All of your feedback for the design dilemmas and options I’ve had has […]


Stylish Entry Console Tables

I’ve been searching around for some console table ideas for the entry.  That’s one of the biggest pieces in the room and I know I have several different directions I could go based off the design plan. I love a colorful entry table that makes a statement like this image from my friend Claire Brody,  But I […]


Entry Plans and Progress

Yesterday’s post gave y’all this little glimpse of our entry.  This room is nearing completion as far as the paint and trim goes.  Remember, we’re doing this reno in two phases.  We made a lot of progress on the existing house while waiting on the addition.  Now those phases are starting to overlap, but the […]


Come Tour Our Home Addition!

Good morning, friends! Today is an exciting day for The White Buffalo!  As promised, I’m taking you inside our new home addition that was framed out last week over at The Buffalo Bungalow.  The process of renovating this house is so different than the two we’ve done previously.  Even though we added on at our […]


Renovation Progress – Exterior

Last week was the CRAZIEST week of this reno yet.  Framing of the addition started on Monday and was nearly finished and dried in by Friday.  Seeing the progress each day was so exciting.  While staying on top of everything on our end with it moving so quickly was busy, it was so rewarding to […]

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Making the Most of a Blog Conference

The most commonly asked question I get through e-mails is about how to blog, how to grow a blog, and how to work into blogging full-time.  You may remember in my New Year’s post that I said a Blogging 101 series would be coming this year.  Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten it and it’s actually […]

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Revisiting the Master Bath Design

First off, thank you guys so much for your AMAZING feedback on yesterday’s post.  You guys brought up great points and are giving us a lot to consider.  We’re going to wait until a little further in the process to make our final decision, but you know I’ll share it here when we do. Since […]

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Vaulted Ceilings – White or Wood?

It’s been a fun two days around here (I wish you could hear my sarcastic tone).  My beloved computer died.  Yes, it’s a laptop I’ve had for five years and I should’ve seen it coming, but I didn’t expect it to be such a sudden death! Mourning my grad school laptop, researching the right new […]


A New Buffalo Bungalow Floor Plan

I promise this is the last updated floor plan you will see.  It’ll have to be because the addition is actually being framed out this week! But there is a reason I haven’t shared any renovation updates in the last few weeks.  Not because nothing is happening, but because there were so many obstacles and […]

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Americana Home Decor

Summer always makes me think of July 4th, stars and stripes, and red, white and blue.  Something about patriotic-inspired home decor just screams classic summer to me and I love bringing it into my home in small ways.  It works for the entire year, but from Memorial Day to Labor Day, it’s especially fun to […]