dramatic wallpaper

wallpaper – worth the hassle?

  {via} There is no doubt that the wallpaper trend is back in full-swing.  Pinterest is filled with gorgeous patterned walls and I have to say, I’m second-guessing my anti-wallpaper stance. When I see wallpaper, I’ve always seen work.  Work to remove and have a pretty, clean, paintable wall underneath.  Since I lean toward clean, […]

Buying vintage rugs on ebay

My Go-to Source for Vintage Rugs

I get more questions about my rugs than anything else. My style formula almost always consists of a neutral palette with a bright, patterned rug.  I love the punch of color that a bright rug can bring, but even better than that, I love the age and history that a vintage rug can bring to […]


BHG Blog We Love

Happy Friday, friends! We’re kicking off the weekend right over here with disco balls and confetti!  I’m so honored that The White Buffalo Styling Co. was named the BHG Blog We Love in April’s issue of Better Homes and Gardens. I said in my New Year’s post that this would be a big year and […]


DIY Abstract Art

If you read Rosie’s Birth Story, you’ll remember me talking about my “Waiting on Rosie” paintings. The day before Rosie was born, I had this insane burst of nesting energy and was rushing around our house trying to finish things.  In my head, I still had time before Rosie was coming, but I wanted rooms […]


Balancing Style & Function

My husband will be the first to tell you that this is not my strength. I’m big on style and can picture the exact item I want aesthetically, but function, comfort, and practicality are the last thing on my mind.  Usually, I find just the piece I was looking for, get it in, and then […]


BHG Style Spotters

Today is such an exciting day for this design blogger. I’m guest-posting over on the BHG Style Spotters blog! I’m sharing 4 steps to achieving my Rustic Eclectic style!   I had the best time partnering with them on this post.  Make sure you go check it out here. Happy Tuesday friends!

boho nursery bedding

Custom Nursery Linens from Suite Baby

When planning our nursery design, I just couldn’t find bedding and linens that I liked.  I really wanted some pretty prints and colors and wasn’t pleased with anything I was coming across at a traditional big box store. So, I did what I usually do when looking for something unique: took to Etsy! I came […]

Little Girl's Nursery - Vintage Art

Nursery Gallery Wall

I love a good gallery wall. When I started designing the nursery, I knew that I wanted to create an art wall to display some sweet and special items. I knew that I wanted to mix different styles and incorporate some vintage pieces I’d been collecting for her. I always start a gallery wall by […]


Softening Feminine Touches with Rustic

Thank you all so much for your sweet responses to Rosie’s nursery reveal! As I said in that post, the floral curtains were my main inspiration.  Every little girl needs some floral, but ESPECIALLY  a little girl named Rosie. They make such a statement and I really love them, but as soon as they were […]


Boho & Floral Inspired Little Girl’s Nursery

It’s about time!  I’m so happy to FINALLY be revealing Rosie’s boho-inspired nursery. This is probably my favorite room ever. It was one of the hardest I’ve ever designed.  That took me by surprise because I’ve dreamed of designing this room forever.  Maybe being pregnant and the fatigue and emotions had a lot to do with […]


Rosie Mills – One Month

I can’t believe it, but our little Rosie Mills is officially one month old. When I think back to one month ago, bringing her into the world and meeting her for the first time (read her birth story here), it already feels so foreign.  Of course, I’ll always remember the details of that experience, but […]