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Americana Home Decor

Summer always makes me think of July 4th, stars and stripes, and red, white and blue.  Something about patriotic-inspired home decor just screams classic summer to me and I love bringing it into my home in small ways.  It works for the entire year, but from Memorial Day to Labor Day, it’s especially fun to […]

red, white, and blue place setting

Red, White, and Blue Style

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, I have red, white, and blue decor on the brain!  I wanted to round up some of my favorite patriotic posts that I’ve done. This year, eHow asked me to create a red, white, and blue place setting in honor of the coming holiday.  I focused on […]

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Target Bogo Sale!

I love Target. I love everything about it.  I shop at Target for everything: clothes, shoes, home goods, cleaning products, you name it.  In the last couple of years, they have seriously stepped up their style game and I’m almost sad to admit how much I buy at Target.  Chris jokes we need a Target budget, […]

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The Laundry Room Design Plan

I did something I’ve never done. I chose a major element of a room before anything else was designed.  The deadline for the laundry tile came and I still had no design plan.  Remember my struggle with this room and the guest bathroom?  Well, the struggle was real, y’all.  And I couldn’t for the life […]


For Every Thing There is a Season

As you may have guessed with my few posts lately, things have been running ninety miles an hour around here.  The renovation is at what we guessed would be the most stressful and time-consuming phase and we were right!  While we’ve done a lot of renovation projects, we know the least about foundation and framing […]


Our Patio at Haven!

It’s fitting that it’s #tbt since I’m sharing one of my favorite past projects today.  Last year, I got to participate in Home Depot’s Patio Style Challenge. Participating in that challenge had been a dream of mine for quite awhile and I was thrilled…not just for the honor of being included, but also because here’s […]


Trend Spotting: Geometric Home Decor

The geometric trend in home decor has been holding strong for awhile now and I love it!  I love all of the straight-lined patterns and the 3-D vases and lamps you see.  That stylish geometric shape can turn a boring plain white lamp into a work of art. Zillow Digs asked me to round up […]


Our Kitchen on Yahoo Makers!

It’s a happy day over here!   Work on the addition has begun and major progress was made on the existing house over the weekend.  I’m writing up a post now to share all of the new updates!  It’s getting crazy! And in other fun news, our current kitchen is being featured over at Yahoo […]

bathroom inspiration

I Get Stumped Too

If you missed yesterday’s post on my Design Process, you might want to read it first for this one to make sense.   One big thing that you may have noticed from that post is that the design has to come to me.  I actively try to find inspiration, but I can’t force finding the […]


My Design Process

I got a great comment recently from a reader named Krista about how I make my design decisions. Here was her sweet comment, “You’re sure zipping along on this! I find myself asking, “Really? You’re doing it this fast? Don’t you feel nervous not taking more time to just “sit on” your ideas to make […]

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DIY Painted Kilim Pattern

I absolutely love the look of this kilim wall that I created for last year’s Creating with the Stars competition. It was a big inspiration for Rosie’s nursery too.  I’m really going to miss this wall when we move!  I was so excited to share the tutorial with you guys, but then I had the great […]