Softening Feminine Touches with Rustic

Thank you all so much for your sweet responses to Rosie’s nursery reveal! As I said in that post, the floral curtains were my main inspiration.  Every little girl needs some floral, but ESPECIALLY  a little girl named Rosie. They make such a statement and I really love them, but as soon as they were […]


Boho & Floral Inspired Little Girl’s Nursery

It’s about time!  I’m so happy to FINALLY be revealing Rosie’s boho-inspired nursery. This is probably my favorite room ever. It was one of the hardest I’ve ever designed.  That took me by surprise because I’ve dreamed of designing this room forever.  Maybe being pregnant and the fatigue and emotions had a lot to do with […]


Rosie Mills – One Month

I can’t believe it, but our little Rosie Mills is officially one month old. When I think back to one month ago, bringing her into the world and meeting her for the first time (read her birth story here), it already feels so foreign.  Of course, I’ll always remember the details of that experience, but […]


Rosie’s White Antler Chandelier

I’m learning a valuable lesson as I’m adjusting to this whole mommy thing: everything is different now. And I’m totally good with that, but I definitely have to adjust.  I had planned to reveal the nursery yesterday.  When I said that on Friday, I had one tiny DIY left to finish and with no weekend […]


Rosie’s Birth Story

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that our little Rosie was born several weeks ago.  I told myself that I was going to step away from all things blog and work for at least two weeks to adjust, rest, and focus solely on little one. I’m easing back into things now and I’ve got […]

Dark walls

Our Guest Bathroom Before & Our Plan

Welcome to our Guest Bathroom! Don’t you want to come stay at our house?  I know.  It’s beautiful and so homey. If you remember from my New Year’s post, I said this lovely room would be getting a redo early in 2015.  When we moved into this house two years ago, our plan was to […]

Top Pregnancy Essentials

Our Natural Life: My Top 11 Pregnancy Essentials

At 39 weeks and just days from my due date, I can’t help but reflect back on this pregnancy. I’ve talked a lot about the emotions and joy that I’ve felt, but I haven’t talked a ton about the physical difficulties, discomfort, and struggles of my pregnancy.  Overall, this has been a great pregnancy.  I’ve […]


Rosie’s Nursery Sneak Peek

I haven’t talked about Rosie’s nursery in awhile around here!  The holidays kind of distracted me and I’ve been waiting for a lot of the items I sourced to finally come in so I can put it all together! We’re making major progress now and I am so in love with it.  It is my […]


Maternity Style Tips and Tricks

I’ve always thought that pregnant women are so cute, but I’ve also always determined that when I was pregnant one day, I was going to feel like myself.  I knew there had to be a way to not sacrifice comfort for style and still dress in a way that I would normally dress….without spending a fortune. I’ve […]

Outdoor Maternity Photos

Anticipating a Miracle

When I’ve heard other pregnant women talk about being 36 weeks, 37 weeks, and so on, I always think the same thing.  “What in the world does it feel like to be that close to having your baby?” Well, y’all, today, I am officially 38 weeks. Now, I’m getting to see first-hand what that feels […]

just be

JUST BE in 2015

If you missed yesterday’s post on recapping 2014, you definitely want to check it out before reading this one.  All of how I’m viewing and approaching this new year has to do with the wonderful/complicated/stressful/life-changing year that 2014 was. I’m approaching 2015 in life and on the blog with one goal in mind: JUST BE. […]