Baby Buffalo Has a Name!

First of all, y’all, I have to say thank you.  Your outpouring of love and support over this last week has been amazing.  I know I didn’t share it on the blog.  There wasn’t a lot of time for that amidst grieving, making arrangements, and being with family, but if you follow me on social media, you know that Papa passed away at the beginning of this past week.  You can read his precious story here.

Though we knew it was coming, it was a sad week once he was actually gone, but we all agreed it wasn’t as hard as thought it would be.  Though it’s sad for us who will desperately miss him, it’s a Celebration for him and we’re grateful!  I missed blogging this week, but it just felt right to take a break and be there with family.

He had a beautiful military funeral that really did feel like a celebration.  I spoke about his legacy (though I’m still not sure how I got through that) and my sweet sister sang his favorite songs.  We know he was looking down and proud.

We are home now and getting back to a routine after the last month of being there all weekends and  multiple times throughout the week to spend time and take care of him.  And it felt like the right time to share some news with you.

We were able to share this news with Papa several weeks before he died and he was so happy.  He was completely alert up until the end and was “him” through and through, so he definitely understood and was able to talk with us and express his excitement.

So, in honor of Papa, I’m sharing the news he was most excited about!


When Papa found out we were expecting a baby, he just knew it was a little girl.  He wanted one so badly.  When we got to tell him it was, he shouted, “Whoopee!”

Check out our gender reveal here.

Many of you have asked about Baby Girl’s name and we wanted to wait until we were sure about it to share.


I come from a long line of “Roses.”

the-roses copy

I am Lindsay Rose and always wanted to be called that double name, but it just never stuck.  My grandmother (in the middle) is named Marilyn Rose and my mother (on the right) is Melody Rose.

I could write a book about each of these amazing women and what they’ve meant to me, and at some point, I will (well, atleast a post).  I’m grateful to be so close to them and to have had them as examples growing up.  I’ve always felt grateful to have their namesake and I knew that my firstborn daughter would also bear the name.

I always imagined giving my daughter the double name I never got with Rose.  Well, when we got married, that came up.  My sweet northern, New Jersey bred, husband wasn’t having a double name.  The double name fiasco has led to several fights over the years.  I loved it and desperately wanted to use it.  He couldn’t imagine it.  My passionate side might’ve come out just a bit.

So, we finally agreed that Rose would somehow be in there, but we would wait until we one day knew we were having a little girl to decide how.

When we found out this little one was on the way, we both thought it was a girl and were excited.  But I have to admit, we lived a little in fear of choosing her name.

But once we found out it was a girl, her name fell right into place.

My nickname growing up was Rosie.


The day we found out, we both just started calling her Rosie.  It fit and that was her name.

We were so grateful to have found a name we both loved so easily, we didn’t even worry about the middle name!  We knew one would come.  

And it did.

We had always planned to name a child after Papa.  I mean, with a legacy like that, how could we not?  When we found out that he wouldn’t have much time, I desperately wanted to name this little girl after him.

me-and-papa2 copy

Papa always went by Milford, so I really wanted to use that as a middle name somehow, but I just couldn’t imagine naming a little girl Milford.  Though, it would have amazing meaning.

And then one day, I was driving to the hospital and thinking about Papa, our little Rosie, how excited he was she was coming, and that he would never meet her this side of heaven. 

And God gave me her name.


In January, we will be welcoming Rosie Mills Jackman.

I love the sound of it and the meaning behind it.  She couldn’t be named after more inspiring people.

When we told Papa what her name would be and why we chose to name her after him, we all had a good hug and cry.  I will carry that moment with me always.

As soon as we came up with it, of course, I loved it as a double name.  That is currently undecided, though I’m fairly certain I will call her Rosie Mills a lot (even if Chris defaults to Rosie) just because it reminds me that she is named after some of the most amazing people I know.


Thanks again for your support and patience as our family found our way through this time.

I’m excited to get back to blogging as normal this coming week.  It is officially fall in my book and have some fall posts built up that were supposed to go up this past week, so get excited!  Lots of warm and cozy to come.  This is the time of year when I really shine and I can’t wait to channel a little of that into the blog 🙂

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Such a sweet (and beautuful!) name. Family traditions and names with special meanings are so fun! 🙂 hope your time away and with your family has been therapeutic. Xoxo.

Lindsay, I never thought the word “perfect” would be used to describe a funeral but in Milford’s case it can be. His funeral was perfect! I shed do many tears, but wouldn’t take one back. Your family has always been family to us. We love you all so much! I know we don’t get to see each other much, but you are always in my heart. Know that we will continue praying for your family and can’t wait to meet Rosie Mills. She is going to be very special! (And probably a little spoiled)

I love Rosie Mills, so poetic to say. And so excited to see all your upcoming posts, you’ve been missed! ~Kim

How perfect and so meaningful! Love the story behind it and I LOVE family names! We’ve been praying for you this week. I hope you’ve been able to rest some, too.

I feel such a peace for you…a name, a celebration, and cooler weather this weekend in the south.

Blessings, my sweet friend!

First, I want to send my condolences to you and your family! From losing my own Grandpa, I know how hard it is to have such an amazing man take his place in Heaven!

Rosie Mills!!!! I absolutely LOVE it!!! I would be lying I I didn’t say a few tears were shed on this end reading your blog this morning. What a beautiful name! I, myself, love double names & this one is perfect!!! 🙂

So sorry for you loss Lindsay. I love the name you picked and I love the story behind it. Brought tears to my eyes!! What a precious story you will have to tell her that I’m sure she will ask to hear over and over again 🙂

I think she will honor his name perfectly, the middle name Mills after his reminds me of the actress Donna Mills.
I love your Papa’s last name Lark.
I think Rosie Lark would have also carried on his name and family line.

I did just that with my daughters name, giving my daughter her grandmothers maiden family name that being the last name BAILEY as her middle name, my daughter became Hannah Bailey, Callaway
I love when family name are tied into the life of a new one.

Have a dear friend who name her son after there family name name being finch, so he became finch… A blogger friend just named her son sparrow, and with those family meanings it fits both of the sons.

The girl name for Milford is Millie, so many options for this sweet angel who will carry on the name of a dear papa! I have a big thing for names and my friends and I sit around with family and come up with all kinds of names for new ones in the family and business, infant store and such.

Lark Rosie Jackson ….is sweet as well, keeping the tradition of middle name rose going on.

And what about,….
Lark Milrose Jackson…. Combined your papa’s middle name and your family of fine women, all with keeping your middle names Rose making up a new middle name Milrose. With using your papas middle and last for her first and middle combined with your grandma, mother, and your middle names you will have everyone in her life as a tie to tradition and family to the love behind these great names.
With names of so much interest out there, you could so create names of meaning and honor.
Sorry for butting in, but I could not help myself with honoring your grandfather, what an honor your daughter will carry on.

Beauty and grace to you and your family names.



I love the idea of having a double name…I too am having a little girl come February and my husband and I decided on Samantha Jo (middle name belongs to his younger sister).

Wishing you the best and my condolences for your loss.

Lindsay Rose, bless your heart, dear one! Your post today revealed your heartbeat and love for family. Your Eulogy for Papa Milford was so beauifully written and shared. Your love and admiration for him brought tears…

I am honored to be one of the roses in your bouquet! It will truly be a “red-letter day” when Rosie Mills arrives…Hasten the day!

Such an emotionally mixed time for you. I am sorry for your loss. And you are ripe for joy. WIsh you a very happy, healthy pregnancy and birth. Rosie Mills will be one blessed baby!

I’m so sorry to hear about your father but happy with the news that you’re having a baby girl. God’s blessings to you & your family.

What a perfect name! A name with meaning and history is so special. We used my husband’s grandmother’s maiden name for my son’s middle name. She has since passed making it even more special. Such a tribute!

Congratulations! And I am so sorry for your loss.

I’m sorry for your loss. Rosie Mills is a beautiful name and its wonderfull that you got to share it with your papa. I’m sure he will watch over you all. God bless

So sorry for your loss. But, really it isn’t, because your Papa will always be in your heart. And the day Rosie Mills is born, you can bet your Papa will be smiling. Very pretty name. God Bless and comfort you and your family!

Oh Lindsay! I’m so sorry for all you’ve had to go through. Your Papa sounds incredible!
Rosie Mills is such a gorgeous name with a beautiful history and amazing people behind it. 🙂
I couldn’t be happier for you all! What a wonderful beginning for this special little girl… to have the blessing of your sweet Papa and the name of all you adore… Hugs! xoxo

I absolutely love the name of your new baby girl and I really need to stop reading your blog while I am at work. Too many tears.

What an absolutely beautiful name for your little girl! And the meaning behind it makes it so extra special!