DIY Angel Wing Stamped Christmas Pillow


6 Fridays until Christmas!

I really starting to decorate around here and of course, some DIY’s are making their way in.  My favorite kinds of DIY’s are those that just happen.  They’re simple and they fill a need or create a solution to a problem.

Well, this is one of those DIY’s, people!


In serious nesting mode, I’ve been trying to clean out things before Baby Rosie comes and I have a huge pillow collection.  This poor little pillow was in the giveaway pile.  It’s from Target several years ago.  The other side of it is actually printed, but it’s stained, so I was throwing it away.

It was turned over in the “toss” pile and I realized what a perfectly good, plain black the other side is!  Now, I don’t really need a plain black pillow.

But with a little love….

I used the Angel Wing stamp from Hobby Lobby (the same one used in my DIY Joy Napkins), some acrylic white paint and started stamping away.


As you can see, it’s a small stamp, so I decided to create a pattern: two vertical stripes of angel wings.


A little tip: I wanted mine to look faded, so I barely brushed the paint onto the stamp and then lightly tapped off the excess with a paper towel.  When stamping the pillow, I barely pressed it down and removed it quickly.

I like the look of some being darker than others and it not looking perfectly printed, as if it were done by a manufacturer.  I’m not going for super crafty, but I like it to have some variation.


What I love most about this pillow is that it’s Christmas without being overly “themey.”  I don’t take things too literally around here, so some angel wings that could be used at other times of the year is perfect.


The best part about this is that the possibilities are endless!  I have a little deer silhouette stamp that would be awesome in a tutorial like this.  

It took me five minutes, dried within another five and totally transformed this old, ready to be thrown away, pillow.


And yes, I know, I’m a a tease.  There’s some majorly new updates in the background of these pictures from our Home Depot Holiday Challenge!  It’ll be revealed in just another short week and then I can share all of the glorious details and photos!  Yay!

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Great idea…I am mentally digging through my stamp collection right now ???? looking forward to seeing the ‘new’ fireplace too! Thanks for sharing.