Boho & Floral Inspired Little Girl’s Nursery


It’s about time!  I’m so happy to FINALLY be revealing Rosie’s boho-inspired nursery.

This is probably my favorite room ever. It was one of the hardest I’ve ever designed.  That took me by surprise because I’ve dreamed of designing this room forever.  Maybe being pregnant and the fatigue and emotions had a lot to do with it, but it was really hard to get this room feeling “right.”  I’m still not sure it feels finished.  I think some of that has to do with space constraints.  It’s 10×11 and I had so many ideas that just wouldn’t fit.  But overall, it’s such a special room, which puts a whole new pressure on it.

You can see my mood board here to remember where I started with this.  It’s the same feel, though carried out a little differently.

Let’s move on and see the room, shall we?  I’ll be doing dedicated posts starting tomorrow about a lot of the details in here, so today, let’s mainly just look at the pretty.

Floral Boho Little Girl's Nursery

If you remember from my sneak peek, these curtains inspired it all.

I came across this fabric from Online Fabric Store several months back when I was really gearing up on the nursery design.


It still incorporated my peach color scheme.  It required a few changes with where I was headed, but it didn’t matter.  I was so in love and knew that Rosie’s nursery needed this vibrant floral as curtains.

I was so excited to work with Online Fabric Store for these and love how they turned out!


From there, the rest of the room really fell into place.  The blue/green flowers in the curtains just happened to be the same color as my Watercolor Kilim Wall, which I’d really hoped to keep.


Bohemian Girl's Nursery

Since you don’t see the curtains in this view (except in the mirror), I tried to pull out some of the key colors to this area.

changing table

The navy changing table is actually a dresser from Wal-mart that I painted navy.  I’ll do a dedicated post on it soon.

The lamp bases are actually my mom’s, which is special since Rosie is named after her.  And when I came across these peach lampshades with tiny rows of fringe at Target, I stopped dead in my tracks!


I had wanted peach shades for this area and just knew I’d have to DIY them!  These were perfect.


After the curtains, my favorite thing in the room is the crib.


It’s the Babyletto Skip Crib from Target.  The two-tone and mid-century lines won me over immediately.

I pulled the mustard yellow color from the curtains for the crib sheet.



It’s always the tiny details that really finish a room to me.  And in her room, these sweet little details kill me.

A vintage doll’s high chair I found at a thrift store…



Bowls of bows ready to be worn…


girls nursery

A little stuffed buffalo given to Rosie by a dear friend and yes, Miss Buffalo got loaned one of Rosie’s bows.


The piggy bank from my nursery as a child.

A vintage girl’s dress hanging from an arrow (a handmade gift for her by another sweet friend)…


And it wouldn’t be complete without a pair of baby Minnetonkas…


Stay tuned for more nursery details starting tomorrow!


Curtain Fabric: HGTV Garden Odyssey Fog

Brass Curtain Rods: Target

Glider Chair: Vintage

Peach Fringe Pillow (in chair): Home Goods

Mexican Blanket: Yard Sale Find

Bookshelves: IKEA spice racks

Gold Moroccan Side Table: Yard Sale Find

Lamp (on side table): Vintage

Metallic Cowhide Rug: Rugs USA

Fur Ottoman: Target (no longer available)

Antler Chandelier: Read about it here

Changing Table: Wal-mart Dresser Painted (post to come)

Gold Lamps (from Changing Table): Vintage

Peach Lamp Shades: Target

Chippy White Mirror: Home Goods

Changing Pad Cover: Suite Baby Shop

Crib: Target

Crib Sheet: Suite Baby Shop

Green Beaded Pillow: Home Goods

Cream Fringe Pillow: Target

Twig Mobile: Project Nursery Shop

Doll’s High Chair: Vintage

I know that’s a long list, so if I missed something, leave it in the comments and I’ll update our source list 🙂

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It made my day seeing your pretty nursery reveal. My favorite part is that vintage dress hanging on the arrow. I love how you incorporated it into the photo collage because it adds a little extra sweetness and motion. It’s also great how you were able to keep the kilim wall. Well done, Mommy!

Love it all Lindsay, and I’m sure Rosie will too! So glad you kept the kilim wall!!! And that arrow? And those curtains? And the rug? I could go on and on…. Beauty of a room! ~Kim

Wow, it’s so beautiful Lindsay! I knew you were going to kill it in this sweet room! Every detail is just perfect including little Rosie. Congrats again!

this precious room could not be more perfect. every little detail is beautiful!
you will love all your children, but there is something so very special about all the firsts!
enjoy every moment!!

God’s blessings on your family!

LOVE! I so love how you incorporated the floral with the kilim with the antlers. We are redoing our whole house and I’d love to do something like this for my girls room. I love how eclectic it is…and how it’s feminine but not too girly. Beautiful beautiful job…a room she will love and easily grow with! If I may be so bold to offer one critique (hopefully you see it as constructive criticism) As a mom of 3, I’m always concerned when I see pics or anything hung on the wall behind the crib. Afraid stuff will fall on the baby or when they get older will get pulled down. With the floor plan not sure if it would work but could you put the changing table/dresser under the beautiful gallery…and then have the crib in front of the amazing kilim wall? Just a thought… congrats again!

It turned out so beautifully, Lindsay! I love it all. And I definitely smiled when I saw the little buffalo on the table. So glad you love it! 🙂

Please, for my piece of mind. Remove mirror from above changing table and the plethora of pillows in the crib.

Thank you.

Hi there! Found your page through Pinterest and this fabric is perfect for my daughters new room! Can I ask if you know how many yards it took for you to do two panels (for one window?) Thanks in advance!

Your design is lovely, and I know you put a lot of thought and love in creating a nursery for your baby girl. I have to say, seeing pillows in the crib makes me a little sad. I’m mentioning this not as criticism, but as a kind suggestion of something to consider. I know pillows add texture and color and tie the room together, but they are also a smother hazard. Even newborns can pull crib sheets, causing pillows to fall on their heads, or squirm across a crib until their little faces are stuck up against them. I am not questioning your maternal skills by any means. I’m sure you are aware that pillows are unsafe for babies and have them in the crib only for decorative purposes, and intend to remove them when you put your daughter in the crib. Perhaps the pillows were only in there for the internet photo op. but doesn’t that seem kind of unnecessary? Here is my two cents worth, (and I’m speaking not to you as an individual, but to our culture as a whole.): why not reconfigure our aesthetic sensibilities to value practicality and safety over popular design? Perhaps design conscience people would look at a crib “decorated”with only sheets and say it needs a punch of color and texture, but as a mother, I look at an “empty” crib, and see a safe and cozy place for the baby to sleep, and that is more beautiful than anything. I encourage anyone decorating a nursery to not be pressured by what all the magazines, design shows, blogs and pinterest boards scream at us is required in order to have a beautifully designed nursery. You don’t have to go to the expense and trouble of buying or DIYing accessories that have to be moved around a dozen times a day. 🙂 Again, I think your nursery is beautiful, and you are very talented. I love the curtains and the way you brought color and creativity to every corner. The darling dress hanging on the arrow, the sentimentality of your mothers lamps and your piggy bank, and the vintage doll high hair are especially delightful to me. :). Your love for your baby is evident in every detail.