Rustic Eclectic Master Bathroom


Happy Monday, y’all!

It feels so good to finally have some finishing touches in our master bathroom.  Do you remember the vanity?


We envisioned a rustic, work table style vanity and I really love how it turned out!  The rustic barn wood base mixed with the contemporary white counter top and sink gives me that eclectic vibe I love.

This piece is one of my very favorite things we’ve built.

If you remember, we finished it quite awhile ago, but with renovating the rest of the house, the mirror, lights, and pretty little details were put on hold.

The rug was pretty much the inspiration for the finishes in this room.


I knew that I wanted a colorful, kilim style rug.  Chris got me this one from Home Goods for Christmas and I loved the blue/green color scheme.  I love how the colors compliment the slate floor.

I found the mirror a while ago at a thrift store for $15.  Do you remember it from our Christmas display?

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I was immediately drawn to its interesting shape and after bringing it home, I realized it was the perfect dimensions for our bathroom!

I didn’t mind the original wood finish (it was faux), but I definitely wanted a color paired with the wood vanity.

It got a coat of Rustoleum’s Gloss Navy.  I love how it pulls the blues from the rug without “matching.”


The lights are the best part of this room redo.  They were old camper jack-stands I found at a yard sale for $5 each.

I really liked the shape and could picture them transformed into some pendants.


They were so dirty.  We scraped and soaked for about an hour, but finally, they were ready to be made over.

When picking a color, the choice was simple.

Y’all know I love copper.

I know it’s so on-trend right now, but I have loved it for a while and will continue to love it anyway.


I used Krylon’s Copper Metallic Spray Paint and couldn’t be happier with the result. The finish is awesome. They really do look copper in person.

They already had a hole in the top, so installing them with a pendant kit was really simple.

I considered painting the pendant kit copper also, but I actually liked the two-tone look.  The white blends into the wall, but the copper of the pendant really pops.  I used some old-fashioned bulbs from Home Depot to get it a little extra character.


We don’t have a ton of counter space in here, so just a few little accessories did the trick.


Greenery and candles are pretty standard for me, and a pretty little tray is useful for corralling my rings.

This room is so me.

Navy, copper, rustic wood, white, kilim.


What more could I ask for?


I’m linking up this project to enter the most amazing contest ever, Creating with the Stars.  It’s hosted by the fabulous Monica and Jess over at East Coast Creative.

Make sure you go over and check it out! You can see the entries or enter yourself here.



    • says

      Thank you Kenz! It’s been a long, long, long time coming, but it feels good to have it finished! For three months, we were so busy with other projects that I just leaned a smaller mirror on the vanity and I had to squat to even see myself or get ready. When we finally hung this one, I was like that took five seconds and I have a permanent backache from bending over to do my makeup. I definitely appreciate it now!

    • says

      Thank you, Julia!!! Those lights with the copper finish create such a warm, cozy glow in there now. I just want to sit in there and enjoy it!

    • says

      Haha Stephanie, that’s exactly what we did! The guy who was selling these at the yard sale looked at me like I was crazy when I said I was turning them into light fixtures. He said, “But ma’am, they’re so dirty. And they’re jack stands.” I said, “I can clean.” haha! Wish he could see them now!

    • says

      Aww, Sarah, thank you! I’m so glad it was eye-catching. This room about killed me to photograph because it’s so dark and tiny. Really hard to get good angles! So, that means the world to me!

  1. says

    Love the way this turned out!! I’d also love to see how you incorporated storage into the redo, with the open shelving underneath, etc!

    • says

      Thanks Katie! That post is on its way. We’re still working on a big cabinet with doors that will hang over the toilet area for closed storage to compensate for the open vanity :)

  2. says

    You nailed it – the perfect eclectic mix! The shape of the mirror is great and copper is so HOT, I can’t believe those are trailer jack-stands????? Genius.

  3. Sarah says

    Absolutely beautiful! I love the mirror and the lights….and the rug….and the sinks….and the floor. :)

  4. Kristin says

    Hey. I love your vanity and wood/slate combo so much I’m having my husband do it in our basement. Can I ask what color or shade your walls are? With the white and slate did you go slightly grey, off white or white?
    Thanks! Love your style.

  5. says

    Love the vanity, camper stands light fixtures and the mirror too. But what I really want to know is where do you get your beautiful rugs?


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