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Outdoor Entertaining Ideas

One of my favorite parts about living in South Carolina is being able to live outdoors for most of the year.  Yes, it gets hot (really hot) in the summer and there are pesky mosquitos, but we’ve found some ways to help with that and it’s cool enough in the evening to enjoy a lovely dinner out under some string lights.

I knew that one of our outdoor zones had to be for dining.  We love hosting dinners and friends out here.  If you’ve been following us since the fall, you’ll remember when we first revealed this patio last October.

Outdoor Dining

We installed the chipped granite patio and then made do with whatever we had for furniture.

Chris made us the long, plank picnic table.  I love the weathered look of it!  I considered staining it for the Home Depot project, but decided to leave it weathered and natural.

Last fall, I surrounded the table with an eclectic mix of thrift store chairs.  I still love this look!  But I decided to go a bit of a different direction this time around.

Eclectic Outdoor Dining

Still eclectic, but a little more streamlined.  The biggest decision behind this was that after receiving the furniture from Home Depot, the navy loveseat needed a new home!  


Here it was in our outdoor sitting area before the patio redo.  I love this piece and thought it would be great down one side of the table.  After putting it in place, I really liked the idea of having the taller wooden chairs on each end and two white, modern on the other side.  So, it’s more symmetrical than before where nothing matched.

The two wood chairs are from a thrift store.  They were really cheap, so I’m okay with needing to replace them in a few years from wear.  The white chairs are metal and are great for outdoors!

Still love that look, but I’m enjoying this for a while too.

In keeping with my vision for styling the outdoor buffet, I decided to stick to the same monochromatic color scheme.  There was so much color happening in other areas of the patio, I thought just shades of blue would give this dining and serving area a cohesive look.

I decided to duplicate my fold and clamp dying method (like the office curtains) on a runner in a nice, vibrant turquoise.


I found some turquoise patterned outdoor pillows to go in each of the end chairs.


I usually love a very styled centerpiece with tons of different elements, but decided to keep it simple on this one.  I took a copper tray from Home Goods and layered candles at varying heights.


Simple, but pretty, and it provides a lovely atmosphere for outdoor entertaining.

Remember, this patio redo was all about bohemian texture, so I layered my DIY Moroccan Wedding Blanket (tutorial coming soon) over the loveseat.  It’s neutral, so it plays into my color scheme, but it adds so much style and texture.

We’re having a get-together out on this patio in June to kick off summer and I can’t wait to entertain out here!

Bulb Lights Create Magic


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      They drive me crazy too, Julia!!! I think I’m more allergic or something than the average person. If Chris and I are both outside, I’ll get 20 bites to his 2 and mine swell up like an inch across every.single.time. So annoying! We sprayed our yard this year and it has really helped keep them at bay!

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    This is what I love about NC too! I’m kind of bummed we don’t have an actual dining table on the deck now but we have been sitting around the ottoman to eat and it’s pretty perfect. I love, love , love your table and whole dining area, and especially the lights!

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