Our Fire Spot Makes the Patio

Color and Texture in the Backyard

To me, there is nothing like sitting around a fire late into the evening, a cozy drink in hand and friends by your side.  A fire pit (or chiminea in our case) was a must in our backyard redo.

Our little fire spot is one of my favorite parts of our new backyard.  If you remember from my Home Depot Patio Style Challenge post, my goal with our backyard redo was creating different zones for enjoying and entertaining.

I’m going to break each one down and provide a little more information than I could in my reveal post for Home Depot.  There was just too much to say for one post!



After creating our chipped granite patio, we had a little side yard between the patio and the fence.  Our original idea was to plant it, but it was too filled with roots to sustain any plants.

We mulched it, but it looked so bare and blank!

We created some raised bed gardens, which I’ll be talking about soon.  But I realized it was the perfect spot for our chiminea and a little extra sitting area.

Fire Pit with Personality

We used to have the chiminea in our main sitting area, but after adding the pergola, Chris wasn’t so keen on having the fire too close to it.

We moved our chiminea over into the side yard and brought in some plastic Adirondacks that we’ve had for years.


Plastic Adirondacks aren’t exactly my favorite thing, but they were free and they’re surprisingly comfortable!  So, I decided to use them and spruce them up with some textiles to camouflage their “plasticness.”  I am always balancing the dream room in my head with the reality of our finances and I’m sure you guys often are too!  So, the plastic chairs stay.

I threw a lovely sheepskin on the back of both of them and then brought in some pillows.  The bigger one you see above is a rug turned pillow!  I told you those are my favorite things ever.

The two matching, smaller ones are from a Goodwill shirt that I loved the pattern of.


I would’ve loved for them to be bigger, but I really wanted two (one for each chair), so I fit the biggest size I could get out of the shirt.

And that pink milk can.  Can we please pause a minute and talk about the pink milk can????

Neon Milk Can

I love the country milk cans that you see used a lot, but wanted it in an unexpected color.  I told you in my patio plan that I’d be bringing in some bright color.  This Rustoleum Flourescent Pink was out of my comfort zone, but I thought it would be a nice pop in one concentrated space.

I love it.  It was regular spray paint, but I think because of the age of the paint underneath, it crackled some after a day or two.  I actually love the finish!

I really wanted to use a trio of wood logs as the coffee table in the main sitting area.

Eclectic Bohemian Backyard from thewhitebuffalostylingco.com

 That left the coffee table that came with the set to be used elsewhere.

I thought it would be perfect between the two Adirondacks.  Chris and I really enjoy sitting over there around the fire.  It’s really nice to have a spot to sit a drink or snack.


Or even better?  A s’more station.


This spot is so cozy.  I really wondered how much we’d use it with our new patio furniture and fancy pergola sitting area.  But when it’s just the two of us and we’re craving a fire, which is many nights, this is the perfect spot to cozy up and catch up after a long day.


One of my favorite parts of this little area is the white, rustic barn door that’s leaned up against the fence.  Chris got me that for our first wedding anniversary.  It came from an old barn in the lower part of South Carolina and was a hundred years old.  I love having somewhere to display it.

I was considering hanging some wall art over the table, so that this would feel like a cozy, outdoor room.  Then I thought about my beloved door.

I love how it completes the picture and provides some contrast against the wood fence.

We love hanging out here and Gracie makes sure she stays close by.  I tell myself that it’s because she loves us…


…which I’m sure has some truth to it :)

But I can’t help but wonder if she’s secretly waiting for something yummy to be dropped.  She’s on alert at all times.


Marshmallows are her favorite treat.  Who knew?

I turned my back for one second and that bowl of marshmallows was empty.  No joke.

Thanks for taking a peek inside our favorite backyard spot!  Happy weekend, friends!


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      Thanks Sarah! We are totally living out there :) I love having my coffee out there in the morning all the way to tea at night. It’s awesome!

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    Your patio looks fantastic! I’m actually planning to do the same thing with some stumps as a coffee table in a sitting room I just redecorated. Just happen to have some black walnut trees that we cut down recently. Love the crackle finish on the pink milk can…that was a happy surprise.

    • says

      Thanks Caroline! I’ve really moved away from pink in the last few years, so this was way outside my comfort zone, but I love how it turned out!

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