Why We Chose Quartz Countertops

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Seeing this kitchen dream becoming a reality has been one of the best parts of this process. There are so many updates to share and catch you up on now that the “absolute crazy marathon, working around the clock to make it” season is behind us. Today, I’m excited to chat countertops with y’all.

When it came time to choose countertops for our new Burrow kitchen, I knew exactly what we wanted. This is the fourth kitchen we’ve completely redone and we’ve tried a lot of countertop options. We’ve had wood, granite, and quartz and all three have benefits! Our favorite after trying them all is quartz. I get questions a lot about different countertop choices, so I wanted to share why we chose quartz and some of my thoughts on other options!

Choosing countertops comes down to three things:

1.) Your lifestyle and the durability you need

2.) Your budget

3.) The style and finished look you want

First, let’s take a look at our new quartz countertops! These are Allen + Roth Peaceful Quartz.

I love the look of marble countertops in a kitchen, but after talking to experts and doing a lot of research over the years, we ruled those out for our family in particular. I know people who have them and do love them! Gosh, they are just gorgeous. But they aren’t durable. They scratch, stain, and chip easily. I’ve seen it happen in friends’ kitchens time and again. For us, the kitchen works really hard and we need the most durable, low-maintenance option around. The kitchen is the last place I want to be stressed about a spill or knife scratching our work surface.

But I fell hard for the look of marble years ago. I love it’s clean white surface with the subtle gray veining. It’s just lovely and to me, looks amazing with pretty much every color and kitchen design. I’ve been on a hunt for years to find the most marble-looking alternative at a reasonable price and with extreme durability. Quartz is our winner!

You can find different marble-looking options in quartz and granite, but with the design plan in this kitchen, I wanted as white and streamlined as possible. I wanted very subtle gray veining, but not too obvious so it didn’t compete with that patterned blue tile we’re doing above the range. I’m so happy with these Peaceful Quartz counters! I also love how they look against our Kohler white farmhouse sink and how the Delta Cassidy Faucet pops against them.

I absolutely love it with our brick floors and Escape Gray cabinets. And I know it’s going to look awesome against our tile that is being installed as I type!

I love how white it is and that it will go with practically anything. But I also love that up close there is a bit of dimension with the veining. Quartz is a man-made product, so you want to make sure you see it in person. I’ve seen some where the veining looks too patterned, but this one we chose is beautiful and feels so natural!

Now let’s break down some other countertop options I love that may be the right fit for you!

If you love the look of marble, but the fragility doesn’t fit your family’s lifestyle, some of these alternatives may be right for you. Quartz and granite are both good options for durability. We’ve had both in past kitchens and the durability felt similar. The cost is also comparable from what we’ve found. To give you an idea, our kitchen countertops at the Burrow cost $2,500. It’s an investment for sure, but one that’s well worth it.

The main difference I’ve found between quartz and granite is that quartz is man-made where granite is natural. That isn’t an issue for us, but you do want to see samples to make sure the pattern doesn’t look man-made, as I said above. The look of them is also a difference I’ve noticed. There are some lovely light granite options that can feel like marble, but they’re going to have speckles vs. veins, as you can see above. Choosing between those is completely personal preference and it depends on the rest of your kitchen design. For us, I wanted something cleaner so it didn’t compete with our tile.

Another great option that’s much more budget-friendly is butcher block. I love that it provides a grounding, earthy quality and that’s it’s much easier on the wallet. But it is much higher maintenance than the stone options. These boards above are around $300 for an 8-foot slab, so you can see that would end up way less than half of the stone cost.

I love the feel of the natural wood in a kitchen. I’ve seen some beautiful kitchens with butcher block! The only downside I’ve found is that it’s a wood surface. It’s going to scratch and will have to be re-sealed more often. If you’re considering butcher block, evaluate how much the scratches are going to bother you and having to re-seal it and re-finish it often. For us, we wanted more durability, but if you don’t mind the upkeep, this can be a great choice!

For us, spending a bit more on extra-durable countertops that give us the look of marble is worth it! But a little upkeep for the wood look or cost savings (or both!) may make butcher block the perfect fit for you! It comes in so many different colors and stains that can really add a beautiful texture to your kitchen.

Our kitchen felt like an empty box for so long and then it came together so fast at the end! Chris installed the DIY upper cabinets on either side of the hood and then the tile was immediately installed! This week, I’m going to share the first look at the tiled hood and backsplash complete and a tutorial on those upper cabinets.

Every surface is pretty much covered in the kitchen as we’re working toward the finish line, so I wanted to give you guys a good look at the uncovered countertops above so you could really take them in.

If you have any questions on countertops, ask in the comments below. We aren’t experts, but we’ve lived with all three options and are happy to help you guys from our experience.

Thanks for following in our journey, friends!

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Lindsay, you must be super excited, as I, on the progress and how it’s all coming into play. I can envision the end result of your new home and can’t wait to see it in its “ready-to-move-in” stage. It only makes me want to remodel my 20 year old house. Love the little details and the colors are super cool.

If weather permits, when do you guys plan to move into your new home?

Hi Silvia! We are in! I’ve been sharing all the play-by-play progress on Instagram! But have lots more to get here to the blog as I have time 🙂

Your kitchen is such a beauty. I love It all! I like The combination of 2 counter surfaces. Quartz or granite for the perimeter area and wood for an island. That is my favorite combination. Gives some wood warmth and not too much upkeep. I’ve had that combo and all I did Was oil my island top with an oil that is safe to consume because I just Wanted to be extra careful about contamination.?. I’m so excited to see that lovely tile around your stove.??