The Painted Bedrooms

Like I said in last week’s paint palette post, I decided to go with color in all three bedrooms.  I really wanted to do some colored walls and trim and the bedrooms felt like the perfect place since they’re smaller, contained rooms.  I actually had ideas about the colors I wanted in all three rooms pretty early on.  I had a feeling I was going for in each, even though the rooms weren’t totally designed yet.

First, let’s take a look back at the paint palette we’re using:

My main goal for bedroom colors was to still blend with the rest of the house.  And since all doors are being painted Revere Pewter, they have to go with that color well.  

Since y’all already got a glimpse of the nursery, let’s start there.

Remember Dax’s nursery is an old screened porch that had been converted into living space.  It’s 7 x 11 ft. and my goal was to bring some rustic character into this small space.  Chris installed simple board and batten and I loved the idea of painting it a color and then I’ll be painting a “wallpaper” above it on the sheetrock kind of like I did in Rosie’s playroom!  I can’t wait for that!  I knew I wanted a shade of olive green for his room for awhile.  I LOVE olive green because it brings some color, but to me, is completely neutral.  I haven’t met a color yet that I don’t like with olive green.  So, it still allows me to layer a lot on top.  And it feels perfect for a little boys’ room.

There are so many good olive green options.  I chose this one just by flipping through the paint deck and finding one that felt green, but neutral.  It was a total gamble and I was so rushed I didn’t even test a sample (which I would never recommend anyone doing!).  But thankfully it worked out for us on this one!

The trim at the ceiling is really different in this room since the windows run right into it.  It’s extra thick since this used to be a porch ceiling.  We debated and debated what color it should be (white or olive), but since the curtains will be hung on top of it at ceiling height, I wanted it to blend instead of making it stand out with the olive.  Painting it olive would make it really stand out like trim and then it would bother me to hang curtains on top of trim, if that makes sense.

This entire side of Dax’s room is stone since it was the original exterior of the house.  We decided to paint all of the stone white and just let the board and batten on the other three walls be olive.

Oh this little one’s room has so much character to me!  We kept the old french door here because I love the character and detail of it.  We’ll do a custom shade to cover that from the bedroom side.  I love how the olive looks with with tan/gray trim!

Okay, on to Rosie’s room!

Y’all may remember that Rosie is obsessed with pink.  For awhile now, when you ask her anything about color, the answer is pink.  Hence the Pink Party we threw her for her second birthday!  So when I started planning her room, I knew it needed to be pink.  I didn’t want it to feel bubble-gummy or even very pink.  I didn’t want to be limited to what I could put with it.  But I also wanted it to feel pink for her.  I didn’t want to do a creamy pink that I told her was pink, but it didn’t look like it…it just looked off-white.

So I was on the market for a pale blush that read as both a little neutral and still pink.  I flipped through my Benjamin Moore paint deck and debated between several.  I ended up going with this shade because it seemed to fit the description above best.  I wanted the blush to have some peach undertones, but not be completely peach with what else I plan to put in here.

And this color is perfect!

Here it is from the other side with the Revere Pewter doors.  I love how they look together!  And I LOVE this special room for our sweet Rosie.

Okay, onto the master…


I’ve wanted this room for so long.  I’ve always dreamed about a dark master where the walls and trim were the same color and it’s so much better than I even thought it would be.  My vision for this space was a dark neutral that could read as gray, navy, and green.  Haha, tall order, right?  Well, thanks again to my friend Eileen!  When she flipped to the blue I’d been dreaming of for the fireplace, Templeton Gray, Knoxville Gray is the shade above it.

And now seeing it in the room, it is exactly what I pictured!  It does feel like more than one shade darker than the fireplace, which I’m actually really glad about.  But I love that they have the same undertones and it really makes the house flow and all go together.

I love it with the door color.  And I love the painted fireplace!

The details in this house are just making me so happy, friends.

I got a great question about what finishes we used on trim and walls since both are the same color and realized I hadn’t shared that!  So, while it would’ve been easier and cheaper to do both the same finish in these rooms since they’re the same color, we learned the hard way that isn’t a good idea.  Two houses ago, we were doing all white as we often do, and did the same finish on walls and trim so we could have it sprayed and save money.  IT WAS AWFUL.  We love a flat finish on walls because it hides everything, so that’s what we did on walls and trim.  Worst idea ever, y’all.  Nothing was cleanable.  Any stain on trim just stayed there no matter what we did.

So, we learned that trim has to be semi-gloss.  I love for my trim to have a shine, but being cleanable is even more important.  We found Benjamin Moore’s Matte finish that looks flat, but is cleanable, so that’s what we did on walls.  And I really love that in these rooms, the trim still stands out some because of the shine.  It’s a slight contrast, but I love it.

I have a lot of plans for designing these three rooms and can’t wait to share more about that in the coming weeks.  I had a feeling I was going for with each, but my goal was also to re-use as much as possible from our current house.  That’s one thing I’m loving most about this home: how much I’m re-using and re-imagining.  You’re going to see familiar things from our current house switching it up in different rooms and mixing and matching with things we own.  

We’re officially moved in as of this last weekend and are trying to settle!  I’m dying to start finishing up this house and making it a home for us!  More to come…


That’s been The White Buffalo motto for the last three years and is still what I’m striving to do each day in our home and with our family.  Yes, that often means tablescapes, inspiring interiors, and fun before and after renos.  But it also means family.   Faith.  Joy.  Struggles.  Laughter.  Health.  You’ll find a little bit of all of that here as I share how we’re choosing to live with both style and purpose.  
A huge part of that is our journey toward a more natural life that’s focused on enjoying each and every moment together.  A huge thanks to my main blog sponsor that makes this dream of mine possible:

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Ya know, I didn’t think I would like trim that’s painted the same color as the walls, but you made it work! It’s so fun to see these changes. That little house has so much charm, and you are embracing it like a champ! Our little house was built in the late 1800s, and our ceilings are ridiculously low (not even 7 ft!), but they can’t be raised. However, the original tongue and groove solid wood 1-inch thick ceilings make up for it. Also, none of our doors are the same size. They are all solid wood and made by hand and they all have the antique original hardware (none of which matches, of course), and we’ve just decided to embrace it. The house is old, but it has good bones πŸ™‚

Thanks Amanda!!! The monochromatic walls and trim has been a trend for so long and I’ve been dying to try it, but like you, my husband was skeptical πŸ™‚ He actually likes it seeing it done though which is so awesome! I wasn’t sure haha! And I love what you described – making something work for you and making the best of it! Embrace it! There are so many things here we wish we could’ve fixed, but they weren’t in the budget and we keep having to remind ourselves of that…the goal isn’t perfection! It’s making something work in our budget for our family πŸ™‚

GLORIOUS. And that Revere Pewter door paired with the pink of Rosie’s room – swoon. Can’t wait to see this baby furnished! Was unsure if your leather Chesterfield would fit in your living room, so really excited to see what you’re doing!

Thanks so much Austin!!! Sadly it doesn’t πŸ™ We had to go with all smaller-scale furniture in the living room and I’m still not sure if it’s going to fit haha! The couch gets delivered in a few weeks and I’m dying to see how we can make it all work. That’s the only part of this house that feels small after living in it!

I really like the ‘pewter’ color on the trim and inner doors. I might have painted the closet door in the master the same green color as the walls. The gray closet door seems to jump out at me in the photo – and draws attention to its smaller size. Just a thought. LOVE that pewter color against the yummy pink bedroom walls, and the nursery is charming. You guys have done some serious work. Looking forward to more photos.

Thanks Becky πŸ™‚ I really wanted that contrast though to break up the wall. I do think it’ll look different when the room is furnished and it isn’t the only thing in the room. We liked the continuity of painting all doors the same color since there’s a lot of color and different finishes going on in this house, plus it’s much cheaper to paint them all one color with the painter! Cheaper was the goal wherever it could be πŸ™‚

Love all of your color choices. I am so torn between re-doing my master in a light palette vs a dark, moody. Gosh, yours sure makes me want to go with the dark option! Cannot wait to see the finished result!

I love the monochromatic walls/trim in the master! Question: Did you use different sheens or just use the same for simplicity’s sake?

Great question, Erica! I so should’ve said that! Will update the post now πŸ™‚ So, we did different sheens. While that is a little annoying for the painting process, we felt it was a necessity after all the houses we’ve lived with. We did the same two houses ago because I wanted them both the same white and we had a painter who sprayed and it saved us money to do the same and it was TERRIBLE. For the trim to be wipeable and cleanable, it needs to be semi-gloss. That creates a really hard surface that you can clean and I personally like for my trim to have a little shine. The walls, however, we don’t love unless they’re flat. It hides everything, but it isn’t cleanable at all! We found a matte finish from Benjamin Moore that is cleanable, but looks more like flat and has no gloss. We love how both turned out!