The New Living Room Chandelier


When I started planning this new house design, the first image I had was of an oversized colored chandelier with wooden beams.  If you remember from my overall design plan, I wanted glam, curvy lines with rustic woods.  I wanted high-contrast.

I came across this dining room from one of my favorite bloggers, Little Green Notebook, years ago and could never get that oversized blue chandelier out of my head.  I loved how she used modern, round bulbs with a traditional, curvy chandelier.


I immediately started searching for a large, curvy light for our dining room.  Back in June, I came across this huge chandelier at a local thrift store.


It’s 4-feet wide and I immediately loved the shape.  It was priced at $130, which I thought was a great price for such a huge piece. 


I didn’t love the top pieces, so we clipped them off with a metal cutter.

It was definitely too big for the dining room, but I thought with our vaulted ceiling in the living room, it’d be the perfect over-sized light I’d pictured.  I knew I wanted it to be a color, but wasn’t exactly sure what color.  I already had the fireplace painted dark green, as well as the rug and chairs.  I wanted a light color to pop against the dark fireplace and I decided to pull the pale blues out of the rug for the chandelier overhead.

We painted it Rustoleum’s Tranquil blue in a glossy finish.

blue spray paint

I had all of the colors pictured in my mind, but it was so beautiful to me when it all came together.


It’s a bold statement, but it’s now my favorite thing about this house.  The round bulbs came from Home Depot.  I love how they give the chandelier an updated look compared to the normal candelabra bulb.  They come in white and clear.  I liked clear in this case so that they sort of blend in instead of standing out against the dark background.



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Oh. My. Mercy. I gotta say, I am nowhere near as bold and brave with color as you are, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about the light blue. But seeing it in front of that beautiful fireplace tied in to the deep green and the blues and reds in the rug, I’m in love. You’re definitely broadening my mind for my (future) home!

This space is sheer perfection. That amazing shade of blue. I am going to remember that color for future spray-painting escapades. There is one thing missing, come to think of it. It’s Rosie sitting looking up at the Christmas tree!

Wow Lindsay what a great find! Crazy, but I so remember that inspiration chandelier! Love your color choice and it looks so good in your spac!