The Burrow Collected Old-World Kitchen Reveal

This is a sponsored post by Lowe’s Home Improvement. All opinions are 100% my own.

Oh happy day, friends! FINALLY, years of dreaming and a full of year of actually building later, this collected, old-world inspired kitchen has become a reality. Before we even begin, I have to give a huge thanks to the team at Lowe’s for making this such a seamless, amazing project. They were so helpful in making this pipe-dream a reality! I also have to thank my friend, Emily Bolt Photography, for these incredible photos.

I was dreaming pieces of this space up long before this build started a year ago and it all has come together better than I’d hoped. The footprint is on the small side, but just enough (the space is 10′ x 13′ – plus a jut-out for the fridge area). All of the areas are utilized really well and there is a space for everything. It has so many focal points I love. This space is a great example to me that you can do so much with a smaller space. It is nearly impossible for any space to be completely perfect, but when you think long and hard about the top priorities and make those a reality, it can be the space of your dreams.

The main reason I’m so passionate about making a home is because of the people who live there. For me, making a home matters because we’re carving out space for a family to live and thrive and grow. If the goal is just the pretty outcome without that deeper purpose, it falls flat to me. For us, everything about this room was designed with this right here in mind.

I’ll give you some details today, but there are going to be a few follow-up posts about this space where I delve into more. Today, I just want to give you guys a tour and bask in the finished product.

We have to start with that main focal wall that I designed before we even found land to build on. I knew I wanted a blue and white patterned tile wall and hood flanked by sage green built-ins and copper lighting. (Sources will be linked throughout the post, but there all are linked together at the bottom of the post for easy access). Welcome to my favorite room we’ve ever done!

And as a reminder of where we came from…here is this space from start to finish:

When I first started designing this area in my head, we didn’t have the land yet, much less a floor plan. I didn’t have dimensions in mind and naturally pictured this wall as the widest part of the kitchen, maybe even up to 14 or 15′ wide. I wanted rows and rows of pegs! But this wall, built-in to built-in is just 10′ wide.

I knew where I wanted this view in the room. I wanted you to see it from the wall-sized cased opening in our living room. I knew it would have such a wow factor and I wanted this to be the main view of the space. As the floor plan came together, that meant it was only 10′ wide. There were so many times I worried it wouldn’t be big enough or would feel too small, but it is just perfect.

There is just enough tile. The built-ins are the perfect width to give us plenty of storage (really a bit more than we need!), without having wasted space to fill.

As soon as I decided on doing a patterned-tile hood, I never looked back. And I am so glad that we went for it. It is absolutely my single favorite design decision we’ve made over five houses now. This Bedrosian blue and white tile feels so old-world to me. And all the green cabinets…this Escape Gray is the perfect neutral, yet green shade I was searching for.

In an upcoming post, I’m going to break down all the thoughts behind styling these shelves. My goal was pretty, but every single item had to have a function. You’ll notice there are more functional items than I usually have like baskets, the dishes and glasses we actually use daily, and even jars of the beeswax candles we love.

We’ve always had open shelving. These are the most thoughtful, yet functional shelves I’ve ever done. And they’re by far my favorite aesthetically! I love when two worlds mesh so well. It is 100% possible to meet both of those desires, it just takes a little more planning. Stay tuned for a post on my specific thoughts on that!

The only thing I would change or add if I had the option would be MORE PEGS! I love these pegs and how functional they are.

The colors and finishes in here speak to my soul. I wanted to bring in my love of blues and greens in natural, subtle hues. I wanted pops of copper for contrast, layered with white. Those copper lights shining down on these Escape Gray cabinets, flanking that blue and white patterned tile….I AM JUST SO HAPPY! White quartz counters were the perfect choice in here. I absolutely love how it is beautiful, but quiet so the other elements shine.

And these GE Cafe appliances. Y’all know I’ve dreamed about these exact appliances through our last two kitchen renovations and they finally happened. The white appliances with the copper and brass detailing flows so well with the rest of the elements. To me, my appliances have always taken away from the rest of the kitchen design, but what can you do? They’re a necessity. But THESE are pretty enough to be the star of the show! After living with this range for awhile now, it is as good as I dreamed it would be, both in function and how pretty it is.

The refrigerator and dry pantry area are tucked in here behind the pantry and pass-through to the dining room.

I love how this area really adds to the collected vibe I was going for. I’m a big believer that functional items can be beautiful and I love them displayed. I hung our aprons, grocery bags, and a little counter brush on this vintage accordion rack.

And while this dry pantry area is small, it’s mighty. There are jars of so many things we use daily: oats, nuts, pasta, flours, sugars. I’m going to keep adding to it, but already love this idea.

Now, let’s take a look at the sink wall.

I wanted this wall to be “quieter” to balance the tile and built-in focal wall. I worried at times it would just feel plain, but I love how it’s turned out. It’s still has so much collected character, while also giving the eye somewhere to rest.

I’m so glad we ended up going with the white farmhouse sink. It’s classic and the copper lights and terracotta accents really stand out. The two copper pendant lights over that big window help this area feel special. They also anchor this area and balance out the other wall where so much is going on.

I knew I wanted some art and a chalkboard in this kitchen for lists and verses or quotes.

I am so happy we went with painted wooden knobs. I’d originally thought we’d go with copper hardware, but I wanted something to just blend in with the rest of the design and not draw the eye. Plus, most old kitchens I looked at for inspiration all had painted wooden knobs. We bought these unpainted wooden knobs and painted them Escape Gray to match our cabinets.

I know I’ve shared the story about the kitchen island, but I am still so happy with it! We’d planned for Chris to build a farmhouse table style island out of old wood because we needed unique dimensions and wanted the feel of an old table. I wanted to use benches to slide under so that the kids could sit here, but I didn’t want any clearance taken up for chairs. Then, it hit me that this desk Chris built me eight Christmases ago was perfect. We pulled it into the kitchen that day and it was!

It is down to the inch the dimensions we needed and I’m in love with the color, texture, and age it brings in. The bench is this unfinished wooden bench from Lowe’s. It was the exact dimension we needed and I loved the shelf underneath for baskets. I knew we couldn’t stain it to match the old wood and I really didn’t want to. I didn’t want this to feel like a set. I considered painting it, but then realized I loved two tones of wood in here. It adds dimension and contributes to the feeling I love that this space could’ve been collected over time.

It serves the exact function I hoped it would for our little family!

And the brick floor. The dimension and texture and weight this porcelain brick tile floor brings to our space is more than I could’ve hoped for. To me, all of the other elements in the space are better alongside it.

There are so many things I could keep touching on. I love the space that much!

CABINETS: Diamond Intrigue Cabinet Line

CABINET COLOR: HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams Escape Gray

PATTERNED TILE: Bedrosian Blue & White Tile

GE CAFE APPLIANCES (in matte white) : Range| Refrigerator | Dishwasher

COUNTERTOPS: Allen + Roth Peaceful Quartz

TILE FLOORING: Brick Porcelain Tile

SINK: Kohler White Farmhouse Sink

LIGHTING: Copper Barn Sconces | Copper Industrial Pendants

FAUCET: Delta Cassidy Venetian Bronze Faucet

RUNNER: Kaleen Boho Patio Rug

KITCHEN ISLAND: Table made by Chris


CABINET HARDWARE: Wooden Knobs painted Escape Gray


DRY PANTRY SHELVES: White Shelving Boards | Brackets



CALENDAR: Farmer’s Market Calendar

BASKETS: Vintage thrift finds

COPPER CANISTERS: Vintage thrift finds

ART: Vintage


Okay, friends, I think that does it! I’m sure there are things I forgot to cover, so please shoot any questions my way! And stay tuned for several more kitchen posts on styling those shelves and the function of the space. Thank y’all so much for checking out our new kitchen at the Burrow!

In case you missed any of the progress posts on this space or want to go back and check out some details, they’re all linked below:








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LINDSAY! Oh. My. Word. It is absolute PERFECTION. Truly, the best kitchen you’ve ever done — and I was firmly committed to the kitchen prior to the last house ha ha (those dark cabinets, I still love them so!). So warm, so collected and layered. I Just love it!

I am soooooo happy for you!!!!!! I have been following this journey and the result of this kitchen exudes my mantra of creating a simple, comfortable, home. Your colors, textures, and overall design of this space is nothing short of stunning.
I’m sure you and your family will have many happy years enjoying this lovely family space;)

Lindsay, it’s so, so great!!! I love it. I have enjoyed following along, and I’m so happy that you’re thrilled with it! I wish you many sweet memories in that beautiful space.

This is absolutely gorgeous! I love everything about it! I’m sure this is a silly question though, but where is your microwave?

Thank you, Lindsey! Our microwave is in the laundry room which is just around the corner. We rarely use it, so didn’t want it taking up a prominent space in the kitchen. I really want to get rid of it all together!

OH MY GOODNESS!!! This is incredible!! Great job you guys!!

I know you ended up going with bohemian lace as your wall color but I can not find which post says it.