Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Happy Monday, y’all!

Are you as excited as I am that Thanksgiving week is here?  I know I’ve said this on the blog before, but traditionally, Thanksgiving has just felt like a stop on the way to Christmas, but now, I’m really enjoying the Holiday.  I think it is so fitting to go into the Christmas season with our hearts and minds set on what we’re thankful for.

So, I decided to do a new table setting for Thanksgiving this year and I want to share some of my favorites that I’ve seen.

First, let’s take a look at what Kelly from Talk of the House did.

Here’s her porch table setting:

And her dining table:

I love how she used the cotton…so light and pretty!  I wish so badly that we had cotton fields near us!  Thanks so much for letting me share your beautiful tables, Kelly!

Next, I want to share some of my favorites using Spode Woodland dishes that I talked about here.

My good friend Rachel did a beautiful Thanksgiving table display with these dishes.

I love that about fall…pumpkins piled in the center is the best, most  beautiful centerpiece!

Thanks for allowing me to share this, Rachel!

And last, but certainly not least, is a gorgeous Thanksgiving table from the talented Holly Mathis.

I love her use of the traditional dishes with the fun, playful patterns.

So beautiful and yet so fun!

I am so grateful that Holly let me share these.  Thanks, Holly!  I really, really want to find some of those dishes 🙂

And very quickly, I’ll share what I came up with for our Thanksgiving table.

My parents gave me these vintage dishes for Christmas last year.  I love the gold rim and orange flowers in the center.

I always like to mix metals, so to play off of the gold rim and brass candlesticks, I used a lot of silver pieces crowded in the center.  I decided to use white pumpkins to keep the center neutral and let the metals shine!

Well, there you have it…

Lots of Thanksgiving fun.  Thanks again to you three lovely ladies for letting me share your beautiful work!


So now, I’m going back on my words earlier about enjoying Thanksgiving before getting to Christmas.  Our Christmas lines will be up in the shop tomorrow, and I’ll have a little sneak peek on the blog.  I’m resisting doing a full reveal/discussion  of the lines, but you can bet you’ll have that as soon as Thanksgiving is over…like Friday!

Hope your Monday is wonderful and thanks for stopping in!

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Thanks for the shout out Lindsay! Your table is beautiful, and I love the gold rims on your dishes. Gorgeous! Like you, I love love love the Spode Woodland pattern. I have thought many times about getting it but resist because we never have Thanksgiving here. They just seem perfect for Thanksgiving.
Can’t wait to see your Christmas lines – even if it is before Thanksgiving. ha ha.

Thanks so much, Rachel! You have such great style and your compliments mean a lot. Thanks again for letting me post your beautiful table setting – oh how I love Spode Woodland!