I’m Craving Structure and Organization

I’m a creative.

I’m somewhat of a free spirit.


I’m a dreamer.

I am right-brained.  I am the opposite of Type A.

And yet, I crave structure and organization.

I know what you’re thinking…those two things do not go together.  And usually they don’t.  But with the busyness of life, I’ve realized that in order to do the creative things I love like designing and blogging, I’m going to have to have a little structure in my life.

I am so grateful that my love of style has started turning into a creative business.  At the Allume Conference, I was really convicted realizing that God has provided an amazing business and creative opportunity for me and I need to run it like a business.  Again, need for some structure.

I’ve been doing a lot of heart and soul searching lately about what this blog and business is supposed to look like.  And can I just take a minute to say how much I appreciate y’all’s patience and hanging with me as I figure this out?  Y’all are so supportive and really make all of this worth it.

So, what I really figured out was that for the blog to be what I envisioned (a place to celebrate all style and provide inspiration), I wanted some series.  Y’all know about Blogger Stylin’ Home Tours, which I am so excited about!  I can’t wait for the Christmas edition.  But this series is one that will only come around every few months, though it’ll be huge when it does.

In comes weekly structured content.  Don’t worry, I’m not scheduling out what will be posted everyday, but I do have a few promises to make to you guys that will keep me on track.

Each week, you can expect a DIY tutorial and some styling from our house.  I am leaving flexibility for which days these will be on because that’s the thing about DIY, you never really know how much time something will take.

But one new series that I am really excited about is Finding Style Fridays.

Finding Style Fridays Graphic

Finding Style Fridays will be a weekly segment on how to find and define your personal style.  Some weeks, I will post about how I am coming into my own style.  Many weeks, I will have guest posts from other amazing bloggers who will talk about what their personal style is and how they discovered it.  I am really excited about that part because like I said with Blogger Stylin’ Home Tours, I want The White Buffalo to be a place that celebrates all style, not just my own.

The other thing that you will see is a more structured Soul Pondering series.  Soul Ponderings has been one of my categories since I started this blog.  Y’all know I love style, but I also love sharing my heart and posting about things that inspire or things that my soul ponders (taking the name literally).  I always worry when I do these posts about how it will be received, but it’s what I feel called to do and I have to be faithful in that.

But it always amazes me that when I do a post like Run Like a Herd of Buffalo or Why Do We Demand Perfection, you guys respond to it even more than styling and design posts.

So, in comes Soul Pondering Saturdays.  I don’t know why, but it just feels like something to put in at the end of the week and share some inspiration.

Soul Pondering Saturday copy

The goal of Soul Ponderings is to encourage and shine light.  That’s why I chose the graphic above.  I love the light shining down through the trees and I think it really hints at the meaning behind this series for me.

Both of these series will have the above graphics on my sidebar that will lead to a gallery for each, so you can easily explore these series as the posts start to build up.

So, there you have it.  A little structure is good for me.  This will definitely be the norm around here, but I’m sure there will be times when I need a little flexibility with this and I’ll let y’all know.

Thanks for joining on this ride!


Now, finally, my live edge project is done.  Didn’t I say above that things always take longer than we think?  It’s annoying, really.  But anyway, my DIY of this week will be up tomorrow and I can’t wait to share!  I really like how it turned out, so make sure to check back.

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OMG, Lindsay! I can SO relate to this post! Ha! Kindred spirits we all are! In the process of restructuring myself and defining a bit more. Hence the Sunday Night Inspiration series and a couple of others. So fun! Thanks so much for sharing and have an amazing weekend! XO