Statement-making Rug Round-Up

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Nearly every room I design has a statement-making rug. I fell hard for colorful, patterned rugs early in my design and homemaking journey and a room doesn’t feel complete to me unless it has one. Like flooring, the rug covers one of the largest surfaces in your space. I’ve found that it’s such a great opportunity to bring in a major punch in your space.

Need an update in your space? Adding a colorful, patterned rug can immediately change the feel of your entire space! I knew I wanted some statement-making rugs in this new house and I’m so excited to share some of those with you guys today.

First, let’s talk kitchen and dining room. Remember, I designed these spaces in conjunction with one another. While I wanted them to stand apart on their own, they’re also seen in the same view so they needed to flow well.

Both of these rooms have plenty of pattern and personality already, so I considered going more neutral with the rugs in these spaces. But I just couldn’t do it, y’all! You know I love my patterned rugs and these main spaces in our home needed it. But, they had to play well together. I was looking for two patterned rugs in a similar color palette that didn’t match or clash. That can be a tall order! I searched a lot and ordered a good many to try and then returned what didn’t work. Coloring can be different in person, so I always suggest just order it and try it! And be willing to return it if it isn’t the right fit.

I found two rugs that I fell hard for for these two rooms. While they won’t be side-by-side, you will see them in the same view, so I pulled them together for you to get the feel!

As you can see by the names, they’re from the same line. I love that because they have a really similar color palette. I love that they both have blue, copper, and rust, which fits our spaces so well. But, it shows up differently.

I ended up relying on a tried and true pattern-mixing rule when it came to coordinating these two rugs: mix large and small patterns. The dining room rug on the left is a tighter, more all-over pattern. The kitchen runner on the right is a much larger scale pattern. To me, this really helps them to work together and not feel too matchy with their similar color palettes.

Here’s an up close of that dining room rug.

Do you guys see our kitchen cabinet color throughout it? That was such a happy accident when I unrolled it! I’m thrilled that it’ll pull that color through to the dining room.

These are indoor/outdoor rugs, which I loved the idea of for durability’s sake. A dining room and kitchen rug is going to see a lot of wear, so that durability is key. But when I got them, I couldn’t get over their quality. They 100% look like vintage rugs! They are gorgeous.

Here’s a look at them with the dining room wallpaper to see how some of these elements are going to play together.

And here’s a glimpse of this one in our new kitchen.

This photo is by Emily Bolt.

I wanted pattern in here, but I was worried that it would be too much with the patterned tile. The large scale of this pattern and the simplified color palette in this rug works so well with the tile to me. I love it! I love how it pulls the blue from the tile and brings in rust and copper that shows up in other ways throughout the space.

I also want to give y’all a glimpse of our master bath rug! This space is painted, but I have yet to organize or style anything. We’ll get there! I love statement-making rugs in a bathroom (okay, yes, I love them everywhere!), but I really pictured one down the long center “hallway” this bath has.

We do have a patterned tile floor in there, so I wasn’t sure about it until I found this rug that so perfectly pulls in the black, white, and green of the bath PLUS the blue/gray of our master bedroom!

This rug is from the same Kaleen line, but it’s not indoor outdoor. It’s thicker and more plush, which I really love in a bathroom – keeps those toes toasty!

And just look at it with all the other elements:

I love how it brings in the other blues and greens throughout our home into this space. You guys know I love designing a house to have a cohesive flow and it’s been so rewarding and fun to see this one come together!

Like I said, I ordered so many rugs to try and decide and there were so many beautiful ones! Here are a few others that I really love the color palettes of. Most are from this Kaleen Indoor Outdoor line at Lowe’s, so they have that incredibly authentic vintage look to them! But they’re a great price and so durable.

1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6.

I mean, how gorgeous are those options? I’m seriously trying to figure out where I can add more of these throughout our home because I love the quality, patterns, and color so much.

If you need to add a pop to your space, this is the way to do it friends!

The next post up is our big Kitchen Reveal! I am so excited to share it with y’all. And once that room is for sure squared away, I’ll turn my attention to settling the dining and bath – so those reveals are on the horizon as well!

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