Rosie’s Winter Onederland First Birthday Party


On Saturday, we gathered friends and family together to celebrate our sweet Rosie Mills turning one with a Winter Onederland themed party.  It’s a day I’ve thought about before we even knew she was coming.  I thought about possible themes and details, but the actual meaning of the day didn’t really hit me until it was here.  

I found this little outfit at Target a few months back and immediately fell in love with it.  It completely sparked the Winter Onederland theme.


There is so much I want to share about her party and it’s definitely too much for one post.  So, I decided that today will be a little overview, a reveal of sorts.  Tomorrow, I’ll break down all of the budget-friendly decor we chose.  And on Wednesday, I’ll talk about the food we served.

When I started planning, I immediately pictured a beautiful, but casual party at home filled with loved ones.


The plan was twinkle lights, candles, lots of white and cream, and a little magic.



Little Rosie in the snow greeted guests as they entered and left.  We did simple favor bags with white “snow” pretzels inside.





As much as I love how our simple decor turned out and I’ll share more photos and info on it tomorrow, our little Rosie was the star of the show…


…and she loved it. Her little outfit just killed me!  Our Target doesn’t have the little dress anymore and it isn’t online, but the star crown is still in our store.  And her sweet baby moccasins are from here.


This party is probably one of my favorite memories with her yet.  She was so smiley and happy, like she knew it was a special day.




Rosie devoured all of the new foods she got to eat.  She may have liked them better than her presents…a girl after my own heart.



While I wanted to plan a beautiful party for her, the goal was also simple and special.  For her smash cake, we went with a sweet little homemade cupcake with a single pink candle.


Rosie’s reaction did not disappoint.  



The absolutely best part was our house being so full…


…of family and friends…


…laughter and joy.



When we planned out the open spaces in this house, nights like this were exactly what we envisioned.  Oh how I love our “people.”

Up tomorrow, I’ll share all of the decor: what we DIY’ed and how we saved!

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You did an amazing job for your little angel. It looked like she took to her star crown quite well. Many little ones would be pulling it off! What a beautiful party, such a warm gathering of family and friends, and the star of the show was so beautiful and precious. God bless your sweet family!!

I’m sure your little Rosie was DELIGHTED! So many sweets in one day – what child can ask for anything more.

Love what you did with the d├ęcor.

Enjoy your little one.

Silvia Loya/Texas