Re-creating our Simple Halloween Table


Thank y’all so much for the great feedback on last week’s Halloween party post with Wayfair!  I was so happy to see that y’all loved this one because I had a blast putting it together.

I’ve always loved this season, but something about having a little one now makes it so much more exciting!  I love bringing a stylish take on Halloween decor into our home…nothing too spooky or scary, but just a fun hint at the season.

Halloween vignette

One of my favorite things to do with seasonal decor is to find a way to use everyday items to bring in some festivity.  While you’ll see some things in this post that are obviously fall or Halloween, most of them are everyday items that you might already have around your house or that you can use long after the season.


My base for this tablescape was just that: home decor items in black and white that hint at the season, but aren’t overtly Halloween.  I added in little pops of metallic for contrast.  And the best part?  You can use them long after the Jack-o-lanterns burn out.
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I don’t remember the last time that I actually used a tablecloth!  I’m notorious for grabbing a quilt or throw from around the house and using it instead.  I love things with multi-uses.  This throw in the subtle black and white color palette with white fringe edges was the perfect tablecloth!  I made these cloth napkins out of a fabric like this one, but if you want something ready-made, these are a great option and coordinate with the throw.  And I am in love with my new copper pitcher.  I think you’ll be seeing it in nearly every tablescape going forward! 

It creates the perfect stylish and simple drink station.  Fill a fun pitcher with your favorite beverage, sit it by some fun glasses, and you’re done!



For the place cards, I love going simple, but fun.  I usually use a patterned scrapbook paper.  Cut it into squares and fold in half so that you have a little tent that stands up.  For this table,I used a black and white stripe that I knew would contrast against the organic pattern of the napkins.  Then, I use my favorite gold foil paint pen to write on the names.  It can’t get easier than that!

After I had the black and white base, I had fun layering on some spooky seasonal favorites.  


I love pumpkins.  I know some people will tell you they aren’t high-style, but y’all, I just don’t care (and don’t happen to agree).  I love natural pumpkins thrown around the house this time of year.  This huge white one (from the farmer’s market) made the perfect simple centerpiece for this table.  And, I looked around a little and was shocked to find a faux one that is as big and looks seriously real!  It’s huge and can be used from year to year if you don’t want to spend the money on something that wont’ last.

I really added a little spook to the buffet and the wall over the table.


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I love how all of these items definitely say Halloween without being overly cheesy.  I love the hanging bats on the wall.  That will be a Halloween staple for me going forward!  And black candles are always a go-to.  They still fit the stylish black and white color scheme, but a little air of mystery is fun to bring in.  We’re throwing a Halloween party in a few weeks and I can’t wait to try out this fun decor!

Happy Halloween, friends!


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