Our Wedding Gallery Wall

We got our wedding wall up in our master bedroom.  I still have two frames to finish, but we’re almost there.

We painted several white, several silver, and left two in the dark wood, as Chris wanted.  We’re still trying to decide how we feel about that. 

What do you guys think?

I actually like the dark wood accent more than I thought I would, but I’m still deciding on that.

In the large white frame that’s empty now, we’re going to put either a large “J” or our monogram, “LJC”.

In the smaller silver frame, I’m putting our wedding date: 05.15.10.

Some of my favorites are of special things about our wedding day that our great photographer, Kim, caught.

Here are some birds that she caught flying over our ceremony site on the lake:

One of our favorite things about the wedding reception was all of the lights in the tent.  So, we framed a picture of that to remind us of how magical it all felt:

We really love how it turned out.

I’ve been bitten by the bug…it looks so good to have stuff on our walls!


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It looks so awesome! I like the brown frames, but feel like one more would make it perfect. I don’t know why, I just like things in three’s. Plus, I’ve heard odd numbers of things are more interesting visually than even numbers. So like, three candlesticks, etc. But the two doesn’t look bad!
Also, weird thought, but shouldn’t the monogram be CJL? As in Chris and Lindsay, not Lindsay and Chris? I dunno, just something I thought of.