Our Front Door

As y’all saw in the picture yesterday of our new family, we also have a new front door!

I’m terrible at taking before pictures.  I’ve been searching and searching and cannot find a picture of our old door to post, though I know I’ve posted it before.  It was flat and black with a half circle window at the top.

Someone found this door in a dumpster and gave it to us for free because they know we love doing house projects.  This is exactly what I wanted and can’t believe we got it for free.

You’ll notice there is still paint on the windows.  We haven’t razored it off yet because the color still isn’t right.  I know we’re going to be painting again and am waiting to do it all at once.

The color is pretty different in person.  It’s more of a flat light blue, with no green.  I’m hoping for more of a mint (actually more like it appears in the picture)!  I went to Lowe’s one day four times trying to get the right shade.  I painted it twice and it still looked the same color, though the paint in the cans looked totally different.  Go figure.

Speaking of, does anyone know of a really good mint or blue/green?

We really, don’t like the color of our brick and since painting the brick isn’t in the plan or budget just yet, a bright front door is just what this needed I think.

It’s such a nice change, though, however long it takes to get the color right.

We planted a lot of petunias hoping to brighten up this entry for spring.

Overall, this entry is feeling much, much better.

There’s still a lot I’d like to do out here, but this is so much better.  It’s amazing what just a little color and some flowers can do!

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