Our Craftsman Doors and Hardware

I’ve gotten some questions about the “glimpses” of our craftsman doors you’ve seen in the renovation updates I’ve done.  They were one of the first things we decided on.

gray doors

These are the same “mission” style craftsman doors we had in our last house.  Both times, we’ve found them at a local builders’ supply place for a fraction of what they cost at a big box store.  It pays to shop around!

In the last house, we painted them white, which is obviously the typical choice.  But with all of our white walls, it was a lot of white. I did really like it, but I saw an opportunity with this new house to do something fun with the doors.  I decided that I wanted to paint them something other than white.


Choosing the right color was probably the hardest part!  I initially considered a dark color for more contrast, but quickly realized that might feel heavy in our light and bright house.  I started looking at grays….do y’all know how many gray paint colors there are out there?!  The tough part was needing a gray that was going to work in every room in our house.  We wanted the consistency of all doors being the same color.

With all of the green I’m using in this design, I knew I needed a gray with a slight hint of green in it.  I finally landed on Benjamin Moore Iced Marble.   I love how they turned out and how they pop against the white!


The hardware, I think, might be what really sets them off.  I was hoping for some really unique door knobs and something that had an old feel.  When I came across these, I knew they were perfect!  They’re from D. Lawless Hardware and they’re “new,” but with the plate and the porcelain knob, I think they feel like something that could’ve been older or original.

You can actually buy some great old knobs that have been restored, but we did want a new knob that would function really well that just had that feel.


My husband was concerned about the brass, but even he likes them now that they’re installed.  I love how the brass and gray look together!  It’s not a common combo, but it fulfills my unusual color mixing need 🙂


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aaah i love those! i have the idea to use all old doors in our home but i have to find ones that fit and then figure out how to make them work for us- i have one in my garage now that is perfect for our pantry but the whole getting it to work for me… i need to figure that out. i don’t want to have to reframe.

I love, love your gray doors, and what a great shade!! I painted all my trim, cabinets and french doors gray and still love them. I used all old doors from my great grandfather’s house for the rest of the house, though and left them dark wood.

Your trim, floors and everything is just gorgeous.

I love the colour of the doors and the handles. It makes me want to paint my doors a colour! My first thought was honestly this though – you’re going to regret lever handles when your daughter gets tall enough to reach them… they are so much easier to open compared to regular ball knobs. Lol… don’t worry though, kids learn how to open doors eventually and you probably would only buy yourself a couple extra months with the regular knobs anyways. 🙂