Our Bedroom

This is our in-progress bedroom:

When I set out to design our master bedroom, I had a hard time making decisions.  I wanted something calm, relaxing, cozy, and of course romantic.  Those can be hard things to achieve when you’re designing a bedroom for both me and Chris.  I wanted it to be a little feminine, but not too feminine for him.

To try and achieve that balance, we started out with neutrals: tan, shades of gray, and white.  The walls are Techno Gray by Sherwin Williams.  I love this color – part of me wishes I could paint the whole house this color!  It’s definitely gray, but has a really interesting green tint in some lights.  (Heather-Gail: I am forever in your debt for telling me about this color!)

For a bit of a romantic and airy touch, I used a double curtain rod and hung white sheers behind the tan linen curtains.  I love the texture in these curtains.  I knew I wanted tan linen against the gray walls, but was having trouble finding a good price on them.  We found these at IKEA for $14.99 per window! 

We didn’t have a headboard for our new queen bed so we had to get creative.  We made this from an old french door I found at Goodwill for $20.  I’ll post a tutorial on that soon!  We love how it turned out.

I love this little nook in the corner by the window:

This room is definitely still in progress, but I love how it is starting to take shape.

This corner by the closet is where I get ready every morning.  I bought an old dressing table and stool at an auction for this space.  It needs a lot of  TLC, but at some point, I will get to it and get it up in the room.  I can’t wait to have a beautiful little corner to get ready in every day!

As you can see above, we have NOTHING on our walls!!!!  I have almost finished a gallery wall plan for above the dresser.  It’s going to be a huge wedding wall filled with our favorites from our special day.  Perfect to add in a little love.

Other things on the To-Do list for this room are:

1.) Paint and hang a chandlier we have that will hang down over the headboard – it will hang down and fill up that big empty wall space and provide some much-needed extra light

2.) Find/Make Nightstands (these are just what we had to use temporarily)

3.) Paint Goodwill lamps that I’ve already bought for this room and cover a shade in a cool fabric – I’m thinking white or mercury-looking glass silver lamps with white shades?  Linen shades?  Who knows.

4.) Find an area rug for under the edge of the bed

For now, we’re just going to enjoy our little relaxing space.



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I love your bedroom. Beats mine to shame! You have such great taste. But I have to say, that the first time I saw a headboard made from a door, I totally thought it would be cool to make one from a french door! We’re friends for a reason. 🙂

I saw the little white pedestal bowl I picked out for you! It looks perf there with all your accessories! SO pretty! You are just so talented!

Love your bedroom!! Where did you find the quilt & pillows? I’m looking for the same colors and can’t seem to find that soft yellow color anywhere.