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Are y’all Christmas card people?

I definitely am.  I love receiving them.  I love the pretty holiday designs and seeing pictures of our friends and family.  I love displaying them around the house.

But I have a confession to make. 

I have never sent Christmas cards.

I know. Gasp!  For someone who is as into Christmas as I am, it seems appalling that I wouldn’t send cards!  Every single year, I intend to.  I say this is the year!  And then the holiday season hits with all of its busyness and my husband and I always have a conversation that goes something like this.

Me: “There’s just so much to do.  I’m stressed and overwhelmed and I hate feeling like that at Christmas.”

Chris: “Well, what is there to do?”

Me: “Finish shopping, design and send Christmas cards, bake cookies, watch Christmas movies, finish the decorations, blah, blah, blah…”

Chris: “Take some of that off the list.  We don’t have to send cards.”

And it always gets marked off of the list.  You see, for someone who loves this season so much, I try to pack every ounce of Christmas magic into it that I can and I end up feeling stressed and can’t get it all done.  This year, I decided, would be different.

I’m going to enjoy every ounce of this last Christmas just the two of us as anticipate our little Rosie.  I’m going to sit, drink hot chocolate, and just breathe while staring at our Christmas tree.  I’m getting my shopping done early so that I have time to find just the right gift for people with no stress AND so that I can actually enjoy the prettily wrapped packages under the tree instead of wrapping them the day before they’re going to be ripped apart.

AND I’m sending Christmas cards.

Every year, I’ve looked through Minted’s Christmas Card section and picked out which one I would send.  And every year, I never ordered it and thought “There’s always next year.”

This year, I ordered early and cannot wait to send out our lovely cards!


I fell absolutely in love with these Pine & Berry cards!  They are right up my alley.

I’m really feeling the floral this year.  Hence the Rose printed dress, the baby girl named Rosie, and the flowers that are being splashed all over her nursery.  And these fit the bill.

You can find these cards here.  You can even upgrade to Real Foil that has a lovely shine here.

I’m feeling kind of bad that Gracie didn’t make the Christmas Card photo.


That was not my intention.  I love that girl dog more than is probably healthy!  But I loved this photo of us from Rosie’s shower.  I love how the rose print of my dress coordinates so well with the card.   Poor Gracie wasn’t invited to the shower, so she had to miss the family photo-op.

But don’t worry, she will sign her name to each and every one.

If you’re on the fence about sending cards, or you’re like I usually am and just haven’t gotten there, there’s still time!  Minted has super fast delivery.  I got these within just a few days!  And Christmas cards just need to arrive by Christmas (or New Year’s), right?

Merry Christmas, y’all!

And if you haven’t already, make sure you check out Jen Rizzo’s Holiday Housewalk this week!  Mine went up yesterday, but you can see the start of the tour ( so you don’t miss a single house) here.

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I LOVE Christmas cards=) We randomly started doing something…. unique with our photos, so each year it’s a whole deal to decide what we’re doing and make it happen. Some years are better than others… I kinda love this years=) But I also frame all of our years and put them up each Christmas. I love looking back at all the years cards… it’s definitely a tradition for us now!