Live Edge Kitchen Island


I have long been in love with live edge wood.

When we were building the addition on our house, there was one very large pine tree that had to come down.  Poor pine tree.  We hated to spend the money cutting it down and it provided great shade for the backyard, but it had to go.

When we were arranging for it to be taken down, we were asked if we wanted any of it milled (cut into boards).  I immediately pictured lovely live edge console tables and benches and said YES!!!

We had planned a rustic wood kitchen island to mix in with all of the clean white of our kitchen.


As soon as we heard the tree was coming down, I thought live edge island, here we come!  I love that wood top.  The milled boards were really rough.  Chris belt-sanded them first to really take a lot of the roughness off and then we finished them up with a palm sander.

We decided to leave it a natural color even though I really gravitate toward dark stain because there’s already a lot of dark stain in this area and the natural color stands out, I think.  This is just polyrethane on natural wood, no stain.

We had considered leaving the bark on the edges, but some started falling off and I really love this smooth look.  We got off all of the bark with a chisel and hammer and then smoothed the edges out with a sander.  Those edges are my favorite part of the whole thing!


We’ve already cooked a meal or two in here with the new island and I can’t tell y’all how much I love it.  Instead of a big empty, useless floor, we have an additional 3’x6′ workspace.  We really enjoy cooking together and this was a much needed upgrade.

The initial plan was to do a wood base as well, but then Chris brought up a great point.  With the wood beams framing the kitchen from the living room, the wood floors and wood door, it might be too much wood.


When Chris says there’s too much wood, that’s really saying something.  So, we decided to do a colored base and really let that wood top shine.  We chose an Olympic paint color called Smoky Emerald.  I wanted green, but not a true, bright emerald green.

We decided to build complete sides rather than legs with two shelves for storage and room for barstools.


Obviously, these are white dining chairs, but I’m planning to buy some white modern barstools with a similar feel, so this gives you an idea of the contrast that we will have.


This one has taken a while to finish.  We initially had a different plan for the bottom that was taking way too much time.  We decided to go with this simpler base, which I’m really happy with because the top is more of the focus.


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I love the idea of bringing a live edge into the kitchen. Often the only way to bring organic touches into the kitchen is with small accessories. This takes the cake! You have a warm and beautiful centerpiece for people to gather around. Kudos!

I am so in love too!!! Dying to come across a piece of wood like that myself. The kitchen cousins just made a live edge dining table on HGTV and I could not stop rewinding it. Any idea where to get one without having it cut down in your back yard šŸ™‚ No big trees here šŸ™

You continue to amaze me and I want an invite to come see it, touch it, take pictures of it šŸ™‚

Oh and as far as where to get the wood, I know that some is often sold on Craigslist. I think it’s one of those things you would have to watch for and stumble upon to really get a good deal on it.

Thanks, Angela! I hadn’t even thought about how special it is that it’s built from our place here. I guess I’ve been too busy trying to get it finished. That is special, though and just made me love it more. Thanks!

Wow……that is beautiful! Would love a

My father in law took some old wood found in a barn and made me a huge round table top years ago. I had found an old oak pedestal on the side of the road years before. I was hoping it was wormy chestnut but it was pine. He filled in all the imperfections and spaces between the planks with wood filler which was not what I preferred. It was very rough too on the “rounded” edges. I sanded it, chiseled out the filler where I could and then some planks began curling so it is very wonky. šŸ™ He used a wooden frame to attach the boards too, not biscuit joinery, and those boards in the frame warped too. Any suggestions to salvage this piece? It’s 60″ round, 2″ thick old wood, very heavy!

So totally, ridiculously in love with this…and the pop of color you chose to paint the base! It all looks PERFECT! I’m moving in. šŸ˜‰

And I’m SOOOO jealous of that Nate Burkus tray you have styled perfectly in the middle of it. I’ve been trying to hunt that sucker down for weeks… šŸ™

Thanks Gabbi! Do they not have it online anymore? I guess they are selling out fall and moving toward holiday. They still have this line of his in my store, but no more trays šŸ™

It looks amazing! How luck you were to have the wood literally in your backyard too! I love live edge as well and have been looking for a good slab with which to make a coffee table, and have found a few on Ebay but they are rather expensive. It’s amazing to find such a nice wide slab. Love the color on the base of the island too!

Thanks, Megan! It’s actually two slabs. They’re each 18″ wide. We cut a straight edge and butted them together, so if you look close, there’s a small seam down the center between the two boards. A three foot slab would’ve been awesome though!

Beautiful! Just stumbled onto your site. So glad I did! Where do you find rugs like those you have in your kitchen? It is awesome!

Oh Lindsey, the boys are away and I’m doing some major catch-up right now. I am IN.LOVE with your island. With your kitchen…with your style. With your beautiful heart. Have a truly fantastic Thanksgiving, girl!!

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