Happy Anniversary, White Buffalo!

I had a totally different post planned for today.  I had it ready to go this morning and was about to hit Publish when I got distracted with this week’s fall tours.  I was just beating myself up for forgetting to post it this morning when many of you read and then it hit me.  That post will have to wait until tomorrow.

In all of the craziness of prepping fall tours, traveling to NYC and Better Homes and Gardens, and trying to sleep and live life somewhere in the cracks left in between, I forgot that today is a monumental day.

One year ago today, White Buffalo was born.

white buffalo anniversary

 I typed my first post into the new site on September 23, 2013 and hit Publish, sending my new dream and heart laid bare out into the vast blogging world.

I had no idea what it would become.  I had learned a lot from my little personal blog and my first trip to Haven, so I was hopeful.  But I was also scared.  Well, terrified.

Copper and Pipe Light from Fruit Bowl

This was my dream.

The kind of dream that you can’t sleep at night for thinking about.  The kind of dream that you literally don’t have a choice but to pursue because you feel it will eat away at you, like not following it might just kill you.

So I had to do it.

But dreams like that are very personal things.  They are little pieces of yourself and your soul tied with a sometimes sloppy bow and sent out for others to either celebrate or tear down.

fresh and colorful (1)

I had no clue what reaction I would get.  White Buffalo is unlike anything I’ve ever done.  It was the first moment in my life when I finally embraced who I was and introduced her to the world without apologies.

Though I didn’t know where White Buffalo would be in a year, and I probably wouldn’t have believed you if you told me, I did know what it was about.

I created White Buffalo to be a style hub where I could share my love of style and others could celebrate and share theirs as well.


I hoped it would be a place filled with pretty things in celebration of all the beauty God has created.  I’ll never forget the moment that I realized that loving and creating beauty was God-honoring instead of frivolous.  I was sitting in a women’s ministry small group at church and they said that God created women to be beautiful and to appreciate beauty.  He wants beauty to be cherished and loved and created.

I hoped this blog would be a place where not only home and DIY stories were shared, but where hearts and souls were opened up as we connected over faith and family.

Because God had given me a glimpse and a vision of a community that I wanted to be a part of.

A community where, through White Buffalo, I could walk each day of my life with other like-minded (though each unique) individuals and we could celebrate, laugh, cry, and reflect all with a little dose of our own embraced style.

It was a big dream and a dream I really had no idea how to achieve when I hit Publish on that first post.  But God said do it.  And though I often fail in this category, I’m trying to be faithful.

I had major doubts about this dream.

Could a style blog that shared hearts and stories exist all in one?  Would it be weird?  Could it really be pulled off?

It’s a dream that I still don’t know how to exactly achieve today, but I’m amazed to look back over the last 365 days and see how God responded to my tiny ounce of faithfulness in big, God-sized ways.

The response I have gotten to just being me and sharing my unique style has overwhelmed me.  Where I often felt weird or on the outside of the real style world, you guys have shown me that you love it and you love me.


You have celebrated my style journey with me in ways that I can’t even begin to process.

I have had some amazing opportunities come my way like collaborating with some amazing bloggers and sharing my home through some awesome tours.


I’ve gotten to partner with some amazing brands like Home Depot for their Patio Style Challenge.


I got to travel to NYC to meet with Better Homes and Gardens for their Stylemaker’s Conference.

bhg ladies

There I got to attend some amazing sessions led by BHG editors and the likes of Eddie Ross and Nate Berkus. I learned a ton that I can’t wait to start employing here on the blog.

But what was most amazing to me about the conference was how it encompassed all I’m about.  I felt a celebration for each of us and our individuality.  I got to see friends and people I’ve always wanted to meet doing unheard of things in their specific areas.  They’re all doing what they do extremely well and I’m so spurred on to do the same.

This year, for me, has been a lot about relationships.  Who would’ve guessed that some of my closest friends in the world would be from an online community?

Like one of my closest friends in the world, Jesse, who started something amazing this year and invited me to be a small part of it as a Scout & Nimble Designer.

me and jesse

Honors like that seriously blow my mind.

There are so many amazing ladies out there who have inspired me to go after this dream of mine and keep doing it well.  One that really comes to mind is Karianne from Thistlewood Farms.  Every single time I see this lady, I leave feeling the same way.  She celebrates individuality and unique gifts in others like no one else and always reminds me that “I’m Lindsay from The White Buffalo,” and I need to just do my thing.

It’s so easy in this kind of a job to live in the evils of comparison.  My goal when I started this was to strip all of that away and be content being me and doing my thing, but I’ve realized this year that will be a constant struggle.

I’ve had major low points this year that stemmed from me forgetting who I am and what my dream was really about.  Friends like Karianne, and many others, remind me that isn’t what this is about.

Blogger Stylin’ Home Tours came to life not long after White Buffalo and the success of it has blown me away!

Main Graphic copy

 I really believe that God gave me that idea as a way to celebrate all styles and different seasons.  I pictured it as an ongoing series that would have different installments, but had no clue if anyone would even care I was doing it.

To date, we’re on the fourth edition and there are two more to come just in 2014!  I was going through the homes that have been shared so far this week and I just smiled realizing that my dream of sharing and celebrating all styles has become reality.  I’m so honored to be a part of that with so many amazingly talented bloggers.

I got to come home from my day job and start blogging full time, which still blows my mind.  To get to sit in this office every day and do work that I would do for free is the most amazing thing ever.

Office #2

And though I’m so grateful for all of these professional blessings, I’m most grateful for how this blog has given the opportunity to connect with each of you. 

This has been an incredible year for us personally and spiritually.  We’ve had extreme hearbreak (which I need to share soon), loss, mountain-top highs like learning a little girl will be joining the family, and a lot of spiritual refining.

I was looking at post stats today and realized that some of my most popular posts of this entire year were hardly style related.  Though you’ve supported me tremendously in that category, y’all cared even more about what our baby girl would be named.

When we lost my grandpa recently, you guys showered love on me through comments and e-mails and shared your similar stories.

When I’ve taken a chance and posted a Soul Pondering that God laid on my heart, you guys didn’t judge.  You embraced.  You loved.  And you shared in return.


{like my Bundled Up with Bare Feet post}

And that, more than anything else, is what I hoped White Buffalo would become.  Though my dream is still in the making, in so many ways, it feels fulfilled.

I’m happy you’re here and I hope you’ll stick around for another year as I continue on this journey of figuring myself out and baring all in the process.


And make sure you check out today’s amazing tours!  If you missed yesterday’s, click here for the start of the tour.









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Oh, Lindsay! This is just beautiful! It reminds me of everything I have been reading in Genesis this week. God IS the Creator and appreciates beauty so deeply. Thank you for sharing your heart and being a friend. You are truly amazing inside and out!

Thank you so much, Jennifer! It’s crazy to think back to pre-White Buffalo days…they seem forever ago! But it feels right and special to me and I’m just honored that others see that in small ways πŸ™‚ Thanks for your encouragement friend!

I found you shortly before White Buffalo came to be. You truly have an amazing gift and I see great things in your future! Keep being who you are, keep listening to the Great One, and sharing all your loveliness with us!! I am so glad I found you, just wish that I knew you in real life because I could see us bare feet and all, sitting around dreaming and scheming, laughing and praying! Happy Anniversary!! ~Kim

Congratulations! I really am drawn to you and your blog (your spirit first , as well as your style.) The idea that you love God and aren’t afraid to shout it from your blog rafters impresses me. Some people are all about being politically correct these days. You glorify God, and that’s how I think it should be. Keep being yourself because it’s why I am a follower.

Thank you, Sherri! I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to read your comment! It’s so easy to get lost in the PC culture and the blog world that has certain demands and really belittle what you believe. I am guilty of that so often and I am desperately trying to carve my way out of that πŸ™‚

One year is AWESOME! Surviving in the chaotic and competitive realm of blogidom is not easy, but you are genuine, unique, talented, and not afraid to be YOU. That is why you have found the blog growing leaps and bounds! And guess what? Even greater things are in store for you and giving Him the praise for it shows us how wonderful you are! Congrats Lindsay!

All my best,

Happy Anniversary…..hope you have many more. I love The White Buffalo. God Bless you and I look forward to what you will being to us next!

I am at a point right now where I am just trying to figure out where to go next with my life/job/blog and wrestling what what I want to do versus what I feel like other people want or expect me to do… Yesterday my husband reminded me that I was excluding a third option – what God wants me to do. Thank you for writing this post and reminding me that home decor & DIY blogging can also be a God-thing!

I’m so happy for the things you’ve been able to accomplish and be a part of this year! And I’m with you – the relationships that can form through blogging are absolutely one of the best and most important things. I’m a frequent reader, but an infrequent commenter, but I really wanted to comment today to thank you, celebrate with you, and hopefully encourage you that you are doing an awesome thing!

Love, Brynne