Our Guest Bathroom Before & Our Plan


Welcome to our Guest Bathroom!

Don’t you want to come stay at our house?  I know.  It’s beautiful and so homey.

If you remember from my New Year’s post, I said this lovely room would be getting a redo early in 2015.  When we moved into this house two years ago, our plan was to tackle the majority of the redo and get it live-able very quickly.  We added a master suite, gutted, and re-did the entire main portion of the house all at once.  We did a lot of the work, but we did hire help because we were living through such a large-scale renovation.  Going without a kitchen for five months wasn’t ideal, but hey, we made it!

These befores might remind you how bad this whole house was back before we started.  You can see all of our befores here and read about Our Renovation Story here.

We decided to save the guest bath and two guest rooms for a second phase since we didn’t really need those yet.

So, our guest bath has looked like this for quite awhile.


I always cringe when a guest asks to go to the bathroom in our house.  In fact, I often send them back to ours in the master to avoid them using this bathroom!

Let’s talk about the problems here (beyond the obvious).

Did you notice the broken toilet lid up in the first picture?  Yeah, that’s awesome.  Yellow-ish shower insert…


Old paint job dripped onto the insert, a shower head coming out of the wall.


Just gross.  Mold between the insert and tub, and a peeling tub.  We figured out that previous owners tried to paint the tub instead of having it re-glazed and now it’s peeling off everywhere.


Rusted, out-dated light fixture.


And original tile floor.

Now, I will say that I’m choosing to keep two items in this bathroom.  Any guess what they are?

Now, let’s talk about the plan and the inspiration.  I love white and bright bathrooms (in fact all three bathrooms I’ve designed were white!) and I’m sure there are many white baths in my future.

But, I’m really breaking outside of my white comfort zone on this one.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know we’re going dark in here!  And I couldn’t be more excited.

Here’s the inspiration.

Dark walls, lots of art, persian rug


Dark walls


I love these dark, moody baths and have found myself really drawn to them lately!

Let’s break down my design plan for this space.


I will be going with super dark walls!  I will say they aren’t black like the inspiration images, but they’re close.  We’ll be doing floor-to-ceiling beadboard also in the space.  I love me some beadboard.  It brings in just enough country/rustic charm for me, but painted dark will give it a whole new vibe, I think.

We’ll be balancing the dark walls with the white original tile floor, a white tub, and marble white walls.  I love marble, but I’m so excited about this!  We’re using extra-large marble subway tile for the shower surround.

For the details, I’m bringing in a mix of textures!   Here’s what that looks like:

A colorful Persian rug

Brass Nautical Light

Wooden Mirror

LOTS OF ART!  I’ll be filling up the walls with a lot of art that brings in some serious personality to this space.

Ooh, I’m excited to get started!  

I’m thrilled that we’ll be working with Home Depot on this project.  We’re getting started now and I’ll share updates and in-progress pics, but the full reveal may be delayed just a bit, but don’t worry…you WILL see the reveal and it will be awesome, I know it!

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Love your plan! We painted one of our bathrooms black and I just painted our bedroom navy blue. I loooove the dark colours. They add so much to a space. I’m glad to hear you’re keeping the floor tile (that was my guess). My guess for the other keeper is the sink. Maybe?

Our hall bath is dark and moody too, with a fun gallery wall for my boys! Have fun with this, can’t wait to see the reveal (after lil Rosie’s arrival I’m sure!!) ~Kim

Hi! Love your blog and totally relate to your style. For quite a while now, every time I visit your site, within a few seconds I’m redirected to buy some app in the App Store. This is frustrating and has caused me to not visit as often. Do you know why it keeps doing this? There are a few other blogs where this happens too. I view on my iPhone.
Best wishes for your delivery and entrance into parenthood!! It’s terrifying and awesome at the same time!

Hi Ashley! I’m so sorry to hear that! I’ve not heard that from anyone else. I wonder if you’re clicking on an add when trying to scroll down? I’m not tied to any app. I’ll definitely look into that because I want that fixed! I look at the blog a lot on my iPhone and I’ve never had that happen ;\

Will be so pretty! I’m wondering though, how do you clean marble inside the tub surround? I’d love to do that too, but thought you had to be careful with marble – I know mine gets nasty and I have to use bleach, can you use that on marble? I Hope so, cause I’d love to have it in my bathroom re-do “whenever” that miracle will happen – ha! Thanks-

My secret for cleaning all tile is Dawn dish soap! We had travertine in our last house and were so limited with what you could use on it. We researched and heard that and the results were amazing! That’s all I use on tile now and it’s 100% safe for all tile types from what I’ve read!

i can’t wait to see the finished product. i’m going with the tile and tub – stripped and reglazed. those old tubs will last forever if taken care of!

Lindsay! You have definitely been on my mind lately. I hope you are adjusting well to motherhood and squeezing in naps when you can. Your bathroom remodel is going to be fab! Can’t wait to see the progress. Lots of love to you and the babe… Emily