Finding Style Fridays: Eclectic Country Modern Bohemian

Welcome to our first ever Finding Style Fridays!  Yes, I know that’s the longest style name in history.  But I’m a bit complex.

Finding Style Fridays Graphic

I’m so excited about this new series and I’m glad that many of you are as well.  Already, some awesome bloggers are signing up for guest posting and sharing their style and I know they are going to provide some awesome style and insight.

Today, it seemed fitting to kick things off with a little re-visiting of my style story.


I really believe that.

And just like it’s important to tell our real-life heart and soul story, I think it’s important to tell our style story.


{via About page}

I believe we each have a unique style that is really shaped by who we are and where we come from, who we love and what we hate.  All of it wraps up into this big package tied with a “My Style Story” ribbon.

I am so excited that this series provides a way to share all style stories, in all shapes, colors, and sizes because each one truly is unique. And I have to take a minute to say that each style is a reflection of who you are and it isn’t wrong.  The “design world” is often filled with rules and I do understand the logic behind them, but I say your style is your style.  It is right and it is yours.  Finding your style is a complex journey and I hope this will help you along the way.

Well, I promised you my style story, right?  Much of this lives forever on my About page.

I’m deeming my style…

Eclectic Country modern Bohemian copy

…unnecessarily long and complex name?  Maybe.  But it’s my style and I can name it what I want 🙂  Here goes…

I fell in love with styling and creating beauty at a very young age.  I had no clue what my style was.  Or maybe I did and as I’ve grown and changed, it has too.

When I first started blogging and designing our first house, I was very “pottery barn.”  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with Pottery Barn.  In fact, I still love a lot of their stuff.  But at the time, that was all I had really been exposed to and so I tried to emulate it.


{Our Last Living Room}

I loved all things cottagey and country.  No modern for this girl!


{Our Last Master Bathroom}

Y’all are laughing now I know.  No modern?  Who am I?

And I still love these images above.  I love our last house.  But it isn’t totally me anymore.  So what changed, right?

I think a lot of came with finally recognizing who I am and what I love.  As I said above, in our first house, I was really trying to emulate things I had seen.  I poured over images and pictured what that would look like in my house and then I tried it.

And I loved our last house, really I did.

But around the time we were starting to sell, I started to feel like who I was didn’t really fit with how our house looked.

I grew up on a farm and still love the country and industrial barn style.  I think that will always stick with me.  But now, I’ve really embraced my bit of hippiness and gypsy soul.  I love folk music, navajo, and fringed ponchos and I’ve finally gotten okay with admitting that!  I used to feel that I got weird looks to my unique tastes and that made me shy away from it.  I finally realized that number one, the weird looks were probably in my head.  And number two, even if they weren’t, who cares?  It’s all good.

In comes some bohemian.

As I said in Bringing in the Modern, I liked certain modern pieces of furniture, but didn’t feel like they “fit” with my defined style.


So I finally bought my first piece of modern furniture that I always admired at thrift stores, but didn’t buy because it didn’t “fit” my style.  Even though I loved it.  And I bravely came home and sat it in my house.

I loved images of eclectic rooms, but had no idea how to create that in my house because I wasn’t just going for it and learning through trial and error.  I tried to figure out a room completely ahead of time and then start putting it all together.

Lantern Light in Living Room

Now, I put a piece in a room and then layer things in.  Some I like and they stay.  Others I don’t and remove.

I love white.  It feels so fresh to me.  Every single room in our house is painted white.  My favorite is our white kitchen.


But I’ve gotten to the point where all of that white needs some wood to ground it and maybe even a pop of color.


The new island really made this room for me.  It’s a perfect mix of everything I love!

So my style story in summary: grew up on a farm (country), now live in an urban area downtown (modern), hippie at heart (bohemian), I’m just a mess complex (eclectic).

Make sense?

This has been a major, messy process for me, but it is so worth it when you finally realize and embrace what you love and your home becomes a place that makes you breathe a sigh of relief and gives you a little embrace when you open the door at the end of a long day.

So, I have two quick pieces of advice for finding your styles that majorly helped me.

1.) Don’t be afraid to take risks.  Rely heavily on trial and error.  You can’t make a mistake because it’s your house and if something doesn’t really feel like “you,” take it back to the store, paint over it, or sell it.

2.) Don’t live by design rules.  Your home is yours.  It’s not another designer’s.  It’s not another blogger’s.  It is yours.  It needs to inspire and welcome only you.

My biggest example lately of this is our huge buffalo print.


When I printed this, I thought, people are going to hate this!  But I did it anyway because I love it.

And guess what?  I lucked out, apparently, because a lot of you loved it.  But even if you hadn’t, it would be okay and I still would’ve shared it because it makes my heart happy.

And at the end of the day, that’s what style, this series, and even my blog is about.  Finding beauty that makes your heart sing a happy song and is uniquely yours.

Happy Friday lovely friends!!!

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I love this series! I love the idea of people showing of their homes and explaining why a home looks that why instead of the Pinterest board made me do it motto. Your home is gorgeous and while I don’t fall into the modern part of your category I love seeing how it is all put together as I definitely share your affinity for eclectic country bohemian. Have a great day!

This is an amazing series! I love the evolution of style….my tastes have changed SO much since decorating my very first home. I love how you promote loving your own style and not decorating for others! I think that’s especially important in blogland…do it for YOUR happiness, not what based on what others/readers will think. 🙂

love this! it fits you to a tee!!! even if wordy. 🙂 and my style when i started was very shabby chic… and i hate that term! we change and grow and evolve and we probably will continue to!

What a great concept! We just purchased our first home, so I have no clue what my style is it yet, LOL! I love how you are so passionate about your design and own it! I don’t even know where to start… We painted one room, gray… haha, and it is the dining room. I decided on doing a darker gray accent wall in the bedroom, I bought a sample yesterday and slapped some on the wall. I think I am going to stick to it even though I DID see it on pinterest haha. I hope that I can hone in on what I love eventually, whenever I actually figure it out 🙂

I can totally see your style statement weaved throughout your home. I think mine would be Modern, Eclectic, Collected, and Global. I haven’t done nearly as good a job as you of actualizing it though. I love your style and enjoy seeing it evolve. As someone with a similar style, it’s totally inspiring!

I love the idea of our homes being a small glimpse into our hearts and the personal
side of us. Telling a story. Your home does just that and seems so warm and inviting. It’s unique! And you’ve inspired me to do the same– create an atmosphere that feels like me. I too have always been very conservative in style and am learning I may have a bit of a wild side (bohemian, eclectic, with a touch of traditional). 🙂

Btw, the buffalo art in the dining room is perfect in so many ways.

Whew- And I thought that I loved the black and white diamond patterned rug from another of your postings, but I am MAD for your dining room rug.THAT is the style that I have been searching for in my mind’s eye. PLEASE tell me where that rug came from…I would pair it with a leather Dekalb sofa from West Elm. What do you think?
Thanks so much,

Thanks Carolyn! The rug is actually from Garden Ridge! I was shocked to find it and got it clearanced for $25 several years ago! But the last time I was there, they still had it!!!