Day 2: 31 Days of Finishing Rooms

Well, it may be late in the day, but I made it!  We’ve just gotten back in from visiting my sister and her husband in NC.  We had a great time and I’m coming back inspired by their home to finish some of our rooms.

As I said in the schedule, I’ll be working in our living room this week.  So, I thought it was finally time to post a shot of our living room.  Here it was on the day we moved in:

(Obviously, this wasn’t on the day we moved in.  But, it was well before paint or any major changes)

And here it is today:

One of the first things we did was paint the wall’s Valspar’s Ivory Brown.  We painted them nearly one year ago.  That’s right…one year ago and the room still isn’t finished!  But, that’s okay.  I have to remind myself that it’s a journey.

We also painted the brown sponge painted fireplace white, which I really like.

All of the furniture is from thrift stores or family members and slip-covered.  This has worked great for us so far!  I wanted a white slipcover, so being able to pull it off and wash it is a must.

So, what do I want to finish in here?

Our lovely modern light fixture has been here since the room was painted.  Yes, that’s right…we’ve had this light bulb hanging from our ceiling for almost an entire year because I haven’t been able to decide what to do here!  I’m finishing it!

Notice that our front door opens right into the living room.  I’m going to try to make some sort of mini-entry way at the front door.

See all of the blank walls?  I’m going to work on that.

See the giant barn door (that I love, but need to find a better home) and the large black media monstrosity?  Yep, I’m working on those too.  And of course, there will be some little projects and accessories thrown in.

Check back tomorrow for my first finishing touch to this room!

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I am excited about reading your blog over the coming days. I am relieved to hear that I am not the only one who lets projects go on forever! I look forward to seeing what you do about your front door issue. Our living room is the same way, and I could really use some ideas!

found your blog through nester’s 31 days –your wall color is really pretty -my question to you -would you pick the color again? What color is your trim -I know white 🙂 So the color looks really well with black, white , and I’m sure the powder blue –I love your front door that opens into the living room , and the half moon window is the same window that was in my house growing up. Looking forward to your 1 day series 🙂

Thanks, Kathy! I think I would pick the color again….I’ve struggled with it on the walls because I love me some white walls! I really would be happy if every single room in our house was white. But, with the barn door and then some plans I have for white, ceiling-height built-ins, and a white treatment over the fireplace, I think I’m going to be happier with the color when there is more white to balance it out. The trim is just basic white oil-based paint that is pre-mixed at Lowe’s. It is a really bright, true white. Thanks for your comment and feedback!

Well, your partially-finished rooms look better than my finished ones! But I’m excited to see what you’ve got up your sleeve. And that barn door is FANTASTIC!!