Creating Faux Wood Beams

I love the look of exposed wood beams and the little punch of rustic that they give.  But big, chunky, REAL, SOLID WOOD beams are not so wallet-friendly. As it always does, our renovation ran higher than we hoped and being thrifty is always a goal.  So, real wood beams that were pretty and perfect all on their own, were not in the cards. In this in-progress shot, you see the wood beams we used.  They’re functional, but cheaper.  They wouldn’t be that pretty stained.  And they’re a bit smaller than they need to be to just use those.  You can see gaps around all of the sheet rock. Initially, we were going to just have the exposed beam at the ceiling, but then we had the idea to totally frame out the openings in a beam, column duo. Our big solution to get pretty, exposed beams? FRAMING LUMBER. Yep, … Continue reading Creating Faux Wood Beams