Couch Upholstery Options

Yesterday I shared the new couch that I thrifted.

Life of Splendor Thrifted couch

Love her lines, but as I said yesterday, this girl is in desperate need of a new dress.

Emily Henderson did a great post on reupholstering furniture.  In fact, this post helped me decide this was the right sofa to buy based on its lines.

I love tufted sofas like this.

Gray Tufted Sofa


Or this.



So, picture tufting along the upper cushions.  Probably two side-by-side on each?

But the color fabric is where I’m stuck and I need some help.  Picture the room first: white walls, wood beams, dark wood stained floors, and the couch is beside a dark leather chair (black/brown).

Okay, got it?

I’ve had gray in my head for a while.  Coming from only loving white couches, the gray was a departure for me even though it’s neutral.

Here are some grays that I’ve come across that I like.

Gray Sofa 4


Gray Sofa


gray sofa3


You’ll notice these are all a light to medium gray.  I really think that shade will go best with Chris’ really dark leather chair rather than my initial feeling for charcoal.

I like how these couches add something to the room, but they still blend in.  They aren’t the focus.

This is a much safer choice for me with my love of neutrals…but as you’ve probably seen lately, my style is evolving to include more color.  My basics are still neutral, but I’m really loving the pop of color idea.

Hence, my current dilemma.  I mentioned Emily Henderson earlier.  No one rocks pop of color sofas like Miss Emily.

I’ve been pinning images with colored sofas lately and keep picturing this sofa in a beautiful new statement dress instead of something gray and safe.  I know I can add statement in other ways than a couch, but hear me out.

I’m feeling blues and greens, as I often am when I talk about color.

Here are some green beauties that are catching my eye.

Green Sofa with Beams


Green Sofa2


Green Sofa


Stop it.  Seriously.

Loving those emerald tones.  Then again, a more kelly green would be lovely too.

Green Sofa 3


But blue sofas have been pretty appealing too.  I love the one in Emily’s living room.

Emily Henderson Living Room

Here’s another arrangement with that couch.

Emily Henderson Blue Sofa

{both images via}

And these aren’t too shabby either.

SFAS - blue velvet sofa beds


sfashollywood-regency blue couch Emily Henderson


And maybe my favorite image of all:

Blue Sofa


That image right there makes me want to call the lady right now and say, “Upholster it just like this,” and hang up before I change my mind.  The blue couch, the rustic coffee table, and the cowhide rug feels exactly like what I’m picturing.

Do y’all see it?  My major design dilemma?

I know that the gray is safer and I can add color in small ways.  I keep preaching that to myself.  But look at those rooms with the colored couches!  I can’t stand the gorgeousness.  Those colorful, statement dresses took the rooms to a whole new level.  Although I do love the gray, with my leaning toward color, I’m really afraid I’ll reupholster gray and then every time I look at it, wish it was just like this blue beauty above.

So, what do you think?

Do I play it safe with gray (which is still lovely) or take a risk and hopefully hit it out of the design park with a blue or green?

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I personally love the blue! Blue is my favorite color though so I might be a little biased but I think it would go beautiful against the white walls and wood beams. And then with the dark colored chair I think it would be the perfect pop of color. I say go for it!

Thanks Becca! I LOVE the blue too. I think I might choose that one…waiting to see what people think. But I do love it!

Oh, this is tough! Normally I would say gray (which is what we have) but that blue looks awesome and I think it would go great against the white and wood elements.

Thanks, Jess! I always lean more towards neutrals too, but I’m with you, I think the blue would look good with white and wood.

Honestly, I think I’d go for the color! We bought new living room furniture a couple years ago, and I decided to go with tan neutral couches so I could add in color other ways, and I’ve kind of regretted it ever since. I think it started with my love affair with Lauren Leiss’s green velvet couch, and has just spiraled out of control since then! LOVE those last few blue ones and the dark green ones! Be bold! 😉

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can still cast my vote! I’m a huge fan of the blue beauty!!! Historically, I have been a “neutral” furniture queen, but I am totally digging the bold move in color couches! With your white walls, wood beams, and dark wood floors, the blue couch is going to POP and make any room look amazing! Whatever color you choose to go with, will look great! I’m so inspired by your designs/styles! And, hey, if you don’t like it in a few years, have it reupholstered! 🙂

Thanks, Jessica! Of course you can still cast your vote! I LOVE that every single person has chosen blue. It was my favorite before and really is now!!!

I have to ask… what does your hubby think? Mine has decided to become much more vocal as we are re-hauling our living room and I don’t think I could ever get mine on board for blue or green. I am interested to see what you pick!

I really was afraid that would be the case with mine. But surprisingly, he is semi-open to blue!!! I’m so thankful. That’s really the one I’m feeling, but I’ve gotta go find a fabric now.

(Preface: I’ve been a “silent reader” of your blog for some time, and marvel at your ability to see possibilities with space and design! It’s not a strong point of mine, so I hope I’m learning from you.)
A few years ago I was getting my first couch, knowing that I’d be living in an apartment for a couple of years probably followed by a move and another apartment. I knew this meant white walls, and wanted to get some furniture with versatility, which in my mind equated to neutral colors. At an amazing discount furniture store my mom and I found, I fell in love with a yellow couch and just had to get it. It was the BEST thing in my white apartment (and now townhouse). So, I hope you’re going for the blue! Sounds like you love it, and I bet everyone who comes in your house will be drawn to it!

Thank you, Hannah! A yellow couch! How fun! I know that looked good against white and really popped. I think we are going with blue! Now I just have to find the right shade of it.

Stick with blue or gray. Green is one of my favorite colors, but as a couch, it would be so easy to get sick of it and then you’re stuck unless you get it reupholstered again. Blue and gray are much more classic and won’t go out of style. Pops of color–that’s what pillows, throws, rugs, and painting wood furniture are for!! 🙂

That last photo looks great. I love that its a little intense in tone but being a so comparable to denim, its basically a neutral in our fashion palette. Navy has become a new favorite for me this year, I group it with a neutral palette. Go for it!