Before & After Copper Lantern

We really liked the idea of a copper lantern to hang down over the front door.

Cottage Exterior Mood Board

I loved the copper against all of the colors we’re using: white, gray, dark wood, and blue.

You can read more about our inspiration for our exterior renovation here.

While I love this look, I was not loving the price tag of copper lanterns.

Copper Lantern


I knew copper lanterns would be really expensive and we aren’t one to just go and buy retail if we can find a cheaper option.  Especially since we are really trying to do this exterior reno on a budget!

So, what do we do?  Scour thrift stores, of course!  And we found exactly what we were looking for…

Thrift Store Lantern

This lovely little lantern!

No, it isn’t copper, but I knew it could become copper!  It was $6, which is right in my price range!  


The scale was also right, which is a huge plus.  We wanted this pendant to hang down over the door, but we don’t have a high ceiling there, so many I looked at were too large.


I went to my trusty copper spray paint: Krylon Premium Copper Brilliance.


At over $9 a can, it’s much more expensive than other spray paints, but it is so worth it!  I first heard about this paint from Mandi at Vintage Revivals and I’ve since used it on several projects.  Mandi’s right, this stuff looks just like copper!

After taping off the glass and giving it a quick coat of primer, this lantern went copper!

Copper Lantern and Blue Ceiling

So pretty!  I love the copper punch that this little guy adds!

And at $15 total (plus leftover copper spray paint for another project), you can’t beat it!

I’ll be talking about that blue beadboard ceiling next week.  I keep saying that parts of this renovation are my favorite, but this blue beadboard ceiling really tops the charts!  I’m loving how this exterior reno. is shaping up.  Every time I come in this door under my pretty little copper light, I can’t help but think, “I’m finally living in a pretty house!”

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The copper with the blue ceiling… can’t beat it! You do live in a pretty house, one that’s becoming more charming every day!!

I did not know there was a such thing!!! I’m so glad you shared because it looks beautiful! I love the blue ceiling! Can’t wait to hear about painting it because I’m dying to paint our porch ceiling but so scared!