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Today is a big day, y’all!  Welcome to another round of Blogger Stylin’ Home Tours!  I’m so glad you’re here.  While BSHT is usually seasonal, I try to several different topical editions throughout the year and this one is my favorite yet.


This week, I’m joining with 28 other bloggers to share how we work and play. When we moved into The Buffalo Bungalow back in the fall, I was most excited to finish this combined work and play space because I knew how much it would be used.  I’m thrilled to be partnering with Wayfair on this inspiring and creative space for me and my girl. If you missed the first few posts about this room, make sure you check those out.  You can read about the layout and see the rough befores here (it was our storage room for awhile for sure!).  And you can check out Phase 1 of the plans here and the updated plans here.   The overall goal was colorful and creative with my usual hint of boho and eclectic vibes.

You may remember from the layout post that we decided to divide this room into several separate sections: one for work, one for play, and one for storage.  Prepare yourself for tons of photos, y’all.  This is my favorite reveal yet.



For the room’s base, I started with a bleached jute rug and two layered boucherouite rugs (large, small).  I’ve loved these rugs forever and knew that this playful, creative space was the perfect place to try them out!  They’re so colorful and I really let the rest of the room come from them.  In this play section, a few things were a must: a teepee, a play kitchen, and a set of kids’ table and chairs.  Rosie got the lace teepee for her birthday and I absolutely love the boho vibe that it has.


Rosie already crawls in there, but I can just picture her laid back in here with a snack each afternoon reading a book or watching her favorite little show.



The moroccan pouf is perfect for mobile seating for us.  And that sweet little play kitchen...


I tried to make this a special little nook for Rosie with the “Be Awesome Today” art and the tiny Moroccan string lights.


Several people told me not to bother with a play kitchen until she was older, but y’all, she won’t hardly leave this thing.  Granted right now, she loves opening and closing all the doors and couldn’t care less what it’s supposed to be, but I’m sure she will soon.



I love the mix of these blush XO chairs with this modern Eames-style table.  It’s the perfect little spot for her to “create” as she grows.


Layer 5



It’s funny, growing up, I loved pink.  But as an adult, I’ve hated it.  But having Miss Rosie has brought back a love for it and I’ve been wanting to do blush curtains ever since.  I thought this “girls only” room would be the perfect place so that Chris doesn’t have to live with it as much (though of course he’ll be spending time in here).  My original plan was solid blush, but I ended up going with a two tone panel with peachy pink on the outside and blush on the inside.  I love the dimension it adds.


For my workspace, I kept my DIY Faux Marble Desk.  I thought about getting a new one, but I do love this desk and it really fit in the room.  Plus, that was something I had that could be re-purposed and the budget could go elsewhere.  Even though I didn’t have a lot of space for my desk area, I wanted it to be pretty and inspiring.  To me, all offices need an inspiration board filled with images and quotes you love, but there wasn’t a spot for that here.  


I hung several layers of yarn, so that I could use it as an “inspiration garland,” so that I wouldn’t block any light from the window with a big board.


I filled it with some of my favorite quotes and pictures.  This space is small, but completely perfect to me.  Now those late nights working won’t seem so bad.




I really wanted this room to have a patterned, focal wall.  You may remember that we were planning to go with a floral wallpaper and then decided to use it elsewhere (you can read about that here).  But I still wanted my floral pattern, so I decided to paint one.  I was really inspired by my friend, Natalie’s, studio walls and was going for a playful, hand-drawn floral look.


I’m going to talk more about the wall design and that flamingo on acrylic beauty on Wednesday, but for now, I’ll just say, it might be my favorite part of the room.  Painting something like that is always a risk and in the middle of it, I had a moment of panic that it wouldn’t turn out as I’d hoped.  But now seeing it all together, it’s as I pictured.  Whew!


One of the best parts of this room is the storage.  While I do have two big closets that I still have to maximize, I wanted accessible toy and book storage for Rosie and these were perfect!  I wanted a long console, so we got two of these shelves and put them together.  I love that there are shelves on top for books and my office storage and then bins on the bottom that she can easily get into.

The over-sized copper sputnik is one of my very favorite things in the room.  I love the statement that it makes!  I will say that it was pretty difficult to put together, but the pay-off is so worth it to me.  It has just the playful punch I was hoping for in here.


I’m giddy thinking about all the life that we’ll live out in here in the years to come.  I had such a blast designing this creative space for us.  


It’s my favorite I’ve designed yet, but then again there’s just nothing like designing a space for your little people.


Thanks so much for checking our our new office playroom!  I’m so happy you came on a tour.  Now make sure you hope on over to the next talented lady in the line-up, Emily A. Clark.  I always love everything Emily does!

Office/Playroom Source List

Curtains – fabric from Joann’s

Curtain Rods – Wayfair

Lace Teepee – Land of Nod

Play Kitchen – Wayfair

Moroccan String Lights – Wayfair

“Be Awesome” print – Hobby Lobby

Rugs – Wayfair (Jute, small boucherouite, larger boucherouite)

Kids’ table – Wayfair

Kids’ XO Chairs – Wayfair

Name Puzzle – Amazon

Stuffed Unicorn – Target

Ice Cream Cup – Target

Moroccan Pouf – Wayfair

Copper Sputnik Light – Wayfair

Storage Shelves/Bins – Wayfair

Red Marbled Lamps – Wayfair

Flamingo Print –

Pink Marbled Ball – Target

Desk Chair – Wayfair

Kantha Blanket – Wayfair

Desk Lamp – Target

Neon Desk Tray – Target

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Product was provided through partnership with Wayfair for this post.  All opinions and product choices are 100% my own.

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WOWZA!!! I cannot believe you painted that design!?! I love Rosie’s play area, and really obsessed with your work area! The rugs, the curtains, the light, I love it all Lindsay! You’ve been a busy girl!? ~Kim

Kim, you made my day! It took FOREVER, but I looove painting. Just like when I painted the kilim wall, it is so relaxing! It’s consuming and by the end you’re so ready to be done, but I love the process. I want to paint every wall with “wallpaper” now! And yes, it’s been busy! But it’s been so good. I’m so grateful to have energy for work again and I feel so much more like myself when I’m being creative!

Thank you so much, Cassie! It’s by far my favorite space now too, which is awesome!!! But…now the rest of the house feels boring hahaha….which I haven’t really finished any other spaces to this level, so I’m going to infuse some of this playful fun into others as I go! So happy to have you and thank you for your sweet comments!!

I just love this space! I had worked on a space with a lot of similar elements ts but without the play space because the room was too small. I never spent any time in there! I work so much better in community rooms. I love this girly work and play space so much!

Thank you so much, Corinna! Yes, I’m with you! I realized that as long as we have little babes, I don’t want to go work in a separate room! This space is perfect.

Ooooooh! I LOVE IT friend! This is such a warm loving space and oozes your style! Little Rosie is just the sweetest little thing ever! I am obsessing over that copper sputnik! It is FAB! So many details to spy πŸ™‚ I’m am crossing my fingers and toes that we find a home that will have more space when we move this summer and I can have a fab office and get back to working more and designing for clients again once S is in school full-time. Thanks for having me join in on the fun! xoxo Kristin

Always such a pleasure to have you, Kristin! Thanks so much, friend! πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see the house you find and watch the progress!!!! I’m always inspired by you!

I absolutely thought the statement wall was wallpaper! You did such an amazing job keeping it fun but consistent. LOVE!!!

Did I read that right?? You painted that wall?? Lindsay, this is amazing!! The patterned wall, the layered rugs, the sputnik- you killed it! Ps. I would absolutely love to be considered for any future tours! So fun!

Hahaha, Haneen, thank you so much! Yes, I painted it. It took quite awhile and it’s definitely not perfect up close, but I love the handdrawn look. Thanks so much! You made my day!

This is such a precious space with so many wonderful details! The pictures with you and Rosie just melted my heart. Have fun in your new room!

Thank you so much, Robbie! The photos of me and her are my favorite part of this for sure! We’re so bad about not getting good pictures of us with her and we’re trying to be better about it. I’ll treasure these for years to come πŸ˜‰

Jennifer, you just made my day! Thank you so, so much!!! I really think this is my favorite space I’ve ever done. I know a playroom should feel more playful and creative, but now the rest of the house feels boring, haha! I’ll have to find a way to infuse some of this feel into the other spaces or we won’t leave this room! Thanks so much friend!

So, so beautiful! You did an amazing job! I am loving the photos strung over the window. And the chandelier. And really all of it πŸ˜‰ Thanks for including me on this fun tour series!

Oh my, what an amazingly awesome space for both of you!!! I love everything, especially the pink. The layering is so wonderful, and I bet she LOVES her teepee and kitchen:-)

What a room! There really aren’t words to describe it. It ended up being such a colorful, playful room! And I CANNOT believe you painted that floral wall – anxiously awaiting your post on that doozy. Incredible job, Lindsay!

Austin, thanks so much! You just made my day πŸ™‚ You always leave the sweetest encouragement and I can’t tell you how much I always appreciate it.

Lindsay, it’s just BEAUTIFUL! This is my favorite space of yours, though it’s no secret I’m a major pink girl. (You’ve seen my living room rug, after all!) The curtains are so beautiful, that light is magnificent, and you PAINTED that wall? I’m in awe!!! Great job, dear friend!

Thank you so much, Kristina! It’s my favorite too! I love the color and playful vibe. Haven’t I come a long way from my only-neutral days?? Haha! Thanks so much sweet friend!

That wall came out really great, Lindsay! What a cool, totally unique statement. I love that photo of you reading to Rosie – I still remember how much I loved my girls chubby little baby hands resting on my arms while I read to them. Beautiful room πŸ™‚

Delightful room! Your sweet little Rosie must be very well-behaved as any one of my five grands would have the place destroyed in under ten minutes, with their chubby little fingers removing those string lights, the book shelf/storage unit and play sink all in disarray and the teepee toppled over in under 5 minutes (and the lap top would have to be kept on a high shelf in the closet). I am very interested in seeing how you painted that clever faux wall paper.

Lindsay, I am so in love with this room! The stencil, flamingo print, lamps, light fixture, drapes, all the colors! So perfect! Little Rosie is just so precious too!

This space is amazing and so inspiring! Rosie is one lucky girl! I love the colors of the curtains! This space looks like happiness and I can tell lots of memories will be made here!

Oh my goodness, you talented lady, you! This space is JAW-DROPPING! I can’t even pick a favorite part because I love all of it so much… But under torture, it’s a toss-up between that copper light fixture and those two-tone pink curtains! Absolutely stunning!

That wall is stunning!! When I first saw it I thought it was wallpaper. No clue how you did the entire wall in such a wonderful design but you rocked it! The entire room is full of color and whimsy which I love. The rugs, the teepee, the little lights and play area for Rosie are adorable. She is adorable!! Those eyes are going to melt you forever. πŸ™‚ Take tons of photos…time flies so quickly. (Speaking as a “Mimi” here) Can’t wait to learn about the flamingo ~ they’re so fun! I love the shawl you have on in one of the photos ~ gorgeous.


What an amazing space! There are so many details I love, but that painted wall takes the cake! I super love the colorblocked curtain panels too – genius! I’m totally going to give that at try.

Lindsay, this is so dreamy I don’t even know where to start! I’m so smitten with everything from the walls to the rug to the teepee!! And that photo display in the window is so cool! I know y’all are loving spending time in there! I’d love to play along on the next tour! So inspiring! πŸ™‚

Lindsay Rose, I love this tour of Rosie’s Playroom! Your gifted touch is so evident throughout … The pictures of you and Rosie add a heartwarming dimension! I found myself admiring each picture through “rose-colored” glasses! You, my granddaughter and Rosie, my great granddaughter are
so blessed to share your artistic workspace…

I love it and I love you and Rosie!