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If you follow me on social media (links at the top right in case you don’t!), you know that our Home Depot Holiday Style Challenge rolled out yesterday on the Home Depot blog!

I have been absolutely dying to share this.  Like DYING.


This Style Challenge is packed with several fun DIY’s and the fireplace makeover, which I can’t wait to share!  I’m going to do a dedicated post for each of those because there are so many fun details!  Today, I just wanted to share some overall shots and a little bit about what we did.

It’s always fun to share the pretty first, right?

My vision for this was to stick with my usual rustic, cabin style that I love so much.  And hubby loves so much, which is always a plus.  With our faux wood beams, it just fits.

But I did decide to give it a bit more of a luxe feel by adding gold, dramatic black, and marble.  I love how it turned out!

Rustic Glam Christmas Decor

For the style challenges, you get assigned a certain area.  I was assigned tree.

Rustic Christmas Decorating

The best place (really the only place) for our tree is right here by the fireplace.  A very open floor plan doesn’t leave you a lot of options for something this big.  But I’m happy with that!  You can see it from all rooms and it’s really pretty right by the fireplace.

But that meant that our fireplace, which had been totally neglected since we moved in, needed a revamp.  I’ll be talking extensively tomorrow about the fireplace, sharing the befores and afters, and giving some tutorials.

For now, just marvel a minute with me over the new dark, dramatic fireplace…

Dramatic Black Fireplace with Gold Sconces

Christmas Sitting Area

The sconces.  The new fireplace screen.  I couldn’t love it all more.

I seriously just sit in this room and stare at it.  It’s my favorite spot in the house, by far.

Luxe Lodge Christmas

It’s funny.  Someone recently told me that I dress just like I decorate.  I hadn’t really thought about that.  I wear what I love.  I put into my home what I love, but it makes sense they’re the same!  I love layers, unexpected pattern mixing, and a little rustic mixed in.

This is a favorite outfit of mine for this Christmas after this shoot!

Jeans (Pencil Jeans from J.Crew, but here’s a similar, more affordable option)

Tan Booties (two similar options: here and here)

Plaid Shirt  (similar options: here and here)  And yes, the plaid shirt is left option because it will no longer button over Rosie.  You do what you gotta do, friends.

Fur Vest (two I love: here and here)

I have to say, Gracie is in love with the cowhide.  She sprawls out on it all day.  Chris says she’s bonding with grandma.

Rustic Christmas Decorating

He’s just weird.

You guys loved these pillows on social media last night!  I’m with you.  They’re right up my alley!

Kilim PIllows, black fireplace, marble firescreen

They’re from Home Decorator’s Collection.  You can find them here.  And you guys, they’re on sale right now!  But the colors and feel matched exactly what I was going for in here.  I love mixing the plaid wool throw (just fabric made into a throw) with the kilim.  That’s a pattern mix I will definitely use again!

Pattern Mixing: Kilim and Plaid

Rustic Christmas Decorating Ideas

For this little Christmas side table vignette, a simple wrapped present, some ornaments stacked in a bowl, a pretty tea cup, and napkin creates a cozy atmosphere.

Christmas Vignette

Christmas Decorating Ideas: group ornaments in a bowl for instant Christmas cheer and glitz

This post was due back in October and it about killed me to take it down!

I really considered leaving it up, but I know me.  I love Christmas decorating so much that I didn’t want to live with it through Halloween and all of November.  I was afraid it wouldn’t feel as special when the actual time came.

Now, I am not one of those people (though I totally respect them) who says NO CHRISTMAS BEFORE THANSKGIVING.  I couldn’t have this job, if I was!  In fact, we’re in full-on Christmas mode over here now.

This little area and our tree will look a little different for next week’s tour.  I decided since I have to put it up again, I may tweak it some.  But you’ll see many of the same elements coming through.

Lodge Christmas

Thank you for visiting our Christmas Lodge! 

Get ready for tutorials and more details beginning tomorrow!


SCONCES: DIY coming soon


KILIM PILLOWS: Home Decorator’s

CHAIRS: Amazon


TREE: Home Depot

COWHIDE: Yard sale find


ELK PRINT: I got this a long time ago for a project, but never used it.  It’s not available anymore, I’m sure, but stock photo sites have some great similar ones and you can blow them up to any size you want using a Staples Engineer print ($3).

WORD ART: Hobby Lobby


TEACUP: Vintage

If I forgot something, let me know!


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It’s so freaking beautiful! While my decorating style isn’t the same, I still totally marvel and ooh and aah with everything you come up with. I can’t wait to see the upcoming DIYs! Oh, and ???? on those pillows. I could definitely use them in my home!

Looks amazing! Black and/ or gold always make a space feel more polished-using both makes it that more authentic feeling! Great job, can’t wait to see the diy’s,

It is so cozy. And so welcoming. And so perfectly YOU! I love every bit of it for that reason! And I agree…you dress how you decorate which is gorgeous and so creative!

Hi Lori-Anne! I actually made those several years ago! It’s been awhile since I shared those, so I probably need to re-share! All I did was stamp the deer (stamp from Hobby Lobby and they still have it!) onto a cream napkin. I used acrylic paint mixed with textile medium so it’s permanent, but doesn’t have a rough texture. You can see the tablescape I originally used them with here: http://thewhitebuffalostylingco.com/life-of-splendor-christmas-line/

Hey! Word art is from Hobby Lobby! And the elk print, I got online a long time ago and blew it up using a Staples Engineer print (they’re $3!). I love them too 🙂

The space looks amazing- so warm and inviting ; the perfect mix of rustic/glam. You look beautiful sitting in that chair- the shining star of the room!