Chalkboard How-to

As I’ve told you, I’m working on the whole taking pictures thing.  I just get too excited and before I know it, a project is done and I didn’t document the process!  But, I’m determined to improve!

So, I don’t have in-progress pictures of my dear old chalkboards:

But, regardless, here’s how I did it.

I read some chalkboard how-to’s online and most talked about using the glass in a frame for your chalkboard surface.  Well, mine didn’t come with glass.  So, I ended up using a dry erase board from Lowe’s.  It comes in a big sheet for $10 and was able to cut it and use it for both chalkboard frames!  This may go without saying, but make sure you cut your chalkboard surface to the size of the back of the frame, not the front.  You want a little lip to help it stay in place.

I bought chalkboard spraypaint from Wal-mart for $4 and went to town!  You have to rough up the surface before painting, so I first decided to use the back of the dry erase board because it was already a little rough.

This did not pan out.  Once the paint was on, it had a very weird texture.  I realized why they tell you to paint on glass!  You need a smooth surface. 

So, after that dried, I flipped them over and painted on the white, slick side.  It took A LOT of coats – we’re talking, 6 or so.  They tell you to do very light coats multiple times rather than less, but heavier coats.  They were right!  Any time I sprayed it too heavy, it started pooling and streaking.  Lots of light coats is better!

After they dried, Chris helped me put them into the frames.  He thought duct tape was best and it has worked great.  It’s been on the wall for two weeks and is in tight!

I have enjoyed this project in our home so much.  It’s right in the path to our kitchen, so multiple times a day, I pass by this chalkboard, read the quote and am inspired all over again!  I have no doubt this will be one well-used project.



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