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I’m excited to share the budget breakdown for our entire screened porch project today!  This is something new that I’ve started doing in the last few months and I think it’s really important to share this piece so that readers know what’s feasible at home.  As you guys know, this project was sponsored by Lowe’s, but I will still include the total of sponsored items in the budget!  

I’ve divided this Budget Breakdown into two sections.  First up, Exterior & Structure.  Many of you have asked what a project like this would cost, as far as just converting a shed into a screened porch.  The second category we’ll look at is Interior & Furnishings for all of the pretty finishes.

exterior title


2 Rolls of Screen Wire (New York Wire 72-inch Charcoal Fiberglass Screen Wire) – $64

Large Galvanized Barn Light (Portfolio Ellicott Galvanized Dark Sky Outdoor Wall Light) – $40

Screen Door (Screen Tight Creekside Natural Wood Hinged Screen Door) – $35

Fresh Idea Paint for Door (from HGTV Sherwin Williams line for Lowe’s) – $5 (a sample painted the whole door since it was just the frame around the screen.  I always use just a sample whenever I can – saves major bucks!)

Blue Pots and Pink Hydrangea Plants – already had

Galvanized Bins – already had

Three Stepping Stones (Ashland Portage Concrete Patio Stone) – $18 ($6 each)

Outdoor Plants (all from Lowe’s) – $125

Lumber for Window Trim and Supports (Lowe’s) – $200

Electrical Materials (Lowe’s) – $125

*Chris is an electrician, so he’s able to do all of our wiring and our only cost is in materials.  If you need to hire someone for this, this budget number would be much higher.

Brick Foundation Addition – $700

*This last number is hard to see!  Why do the smallest things cost so much?  As I said in the exterior details post, we paid a mason for this part of the project and even though it was the biggest chunk of the budget, extending that foundation really made the entrance look complete and made it stable and didn’t leave any gaps for bugs and creepy crawly creatures to get in.


We saved so much money and time on the exterior by leaving the chippy boards natural and by re-using the door boards for all of the exterior trim.  That would’ve added a big chunk to the budget and tripled our time invested.

Interior Title


Origami White Paint for Walls (We bought 5-gallons of paint and primer in one, knowing we would need a lot to save money.  Buying in bulk always saves money if you know you need that much.) – $132

Ratan Armchairs (AE Outdoor) – already had

Chindi Rugs to Cover Back Pillows (At Home Stores) – $14 ($7 each)

Blush Macrame Pillow (Target) – $25

Abstract Art (DIY) – already had all materials

End Table Base (terracota chimney flute from our house demo) – already had

Round Table Top (Lowe’s Lumber Section) – $20

Gold Wind Chime (At Home Stores) – $20

Blue Floor Pillows (At Home Stores) – $14 (clearanced for $7 each)

Berry Striped Rug (Rug Studio) – $192 ($232 and used 20% coupon code that’s still activated)

Coffee Table (thrift store find) – $19

Pristine Wilderness Paint Sample for Coffee Table (HGTV line for Lowe’s) – $5

Vintage Ratan Sofa (Shinola – local Antiques store) – $50

Fabric for Sofa (Premier Prints Tribal Ecru) – $7 for three yards purchased at a local remnant sale

Foam for Couch Seat (purchased at local fabric store that cuts it to size) – $90

3 Euros for Back of Couch (purchased at same fabric store) – $30

Pomegranate Fabric (purchased at same remnant sale) – $3

Two Pillow Forms (purchased at same local fabric store) – $15

Yellow Macrame Lumbar Pillow (At Home Stores) – $20

Two Ratan Plates on Wall (thrift store find) – $3 ($1.50 each)

Ceiling Fan (Allen + Roth Valdosta Oil-rubbed Bronze Downrod Mount Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan) – $130

*this item just went out of stock on Lowe’s.com, but here is a similar option.

Vintage Pulley (yard sale find) – already had

Blush Coffee Table Planter (Allen + Roth Low Bowl Planter) – $15

Citronella Candles (At Home Stores – one on coffee table and one on end table) – $15

Bamboo Tray on Coffee Table (thrift store find) – $2

Ratan Coaster Set (thrift store find) – $2

Set of Korean Tea Cups (thrift store find) – $3 (.50 cents each)

Small Floral Pot on Coffee Table (thrift store find) – $1

Bamboo End Table (thrift store find) – $10

Brass Nautical Lantern (Gordmans) – $50

End Table Pots (thrift store finds) – $4 ($2 each)

Large Octagonal Pot (At Home Stores) $10

Big Blue Pot – already had

Galvanized Farm Table (yard sale find) – already had

Modern Metal Chairs (Amazon) – already had

Teardrop Hanging Lantern/Terrarium (Gordmans) – $40

Small Pot on Dining Table (thrift store find) – $1

Small Landscapes by Dining Table (thrift store find) – already had

Antlers on Wall (yard sale find) – already had

Bamboo Wall Hanging (thrift store find) – $3

Bulb Lights (Amazon) – already had

Greenville, SC Sign (Rock House Antiques) – already had

All Interior Plants (Lowe’s) – $150



If I forgot anything, ask in the comments and I’ll add it in.  That’s a lot to cover!  We’re so happy with how this project and budget turned out.  While there were big things we had to spend a chunk on, we really tried to save money where we could.  All of the DIY’s and thrift store pots and finds really saved a ton.  We’re enjoying this spot every day, y’all!

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That’s alot of bang for your buck girl. I love that you got so many things on the cheap, but that everything looks like a million dollars! ?