Details on Our Bathroom Mirrors


You guys have had the most amazing feedback on our developing master bathroom!  Thanks so much for your comments the other day.  You guys gave me so much to think about and had some amazing suggestions.  

One thing I did notice by some of the comments were that I didn’t talk about the mirrors BEFORE.  It cracks me up that I didn’t give these more explanation.  It’s one of those times that you know what they actually are, so when you see a picture that’s all you can see!  But to others, it may look different. Many of you thought these were wood and questioned why I was painting them.  They are definitely not wood, my friends.


I was looking for two matching mirrors that were an interesting shape and were affordable.  I found these two at Old Time Pottery for $35 each and immediately loved the shape.  They aren’t wood, but are some sort of composite material.  Wood would’ve been my top choice, but I knew these could be painted.  The finish right now is like a dark rusty burgundy that’s sort of distressed.


I absolutely love the hexagon shapes in here!  Those interesting shapes framing the tub and lantern make me happy.  And I love that they provide a little interest in this really neutral room.


Your comments gave me so much to think about. I really think that even if they were wood, I would want to paint them, though that would be a harder pill to swallow.  I definitely think I want to go with the black and brass light from option 2 and 3.

Option 2

Option 3

Before I even posted it, it was definitely my favorite.  As most of you did, I love how it ties in the tub, brass faucets, and brass lantern.  While I’m not sure what colors the mirror will be yet (or even if it’ll be one of the two options I shared), I do think it will lean toward the lighter side.  I love contrast in design and most every room I do has a few key elements: wood (vanity), dark (tub), metallic (lantern), light (walls and maybe mirror), and a little color (rug and maybe mirror).  

This room is white, but when I look at that focal wall, the white just disappears and the furnishings really stand out.  With the dark tub, dark wood vanity, and now dark wood light, I think it would be too much for me if the mirror were dark.  I’m looking to soften them, but possibly still provide a hint of color with them.

The next step toward deciding is to get both rugs laid out in the room!  I’m hate I haven’t been able to share that yet.  The second pink one is still packed up in storage from moving and I can’t find it!  We have soooo many things to still unpack once we get more of the house finished. I think I know where this rug is (in the very back of our shed of boxes) and am hoping to get to it this week, so I can show both rug options actually in the room.

Thanks for following our renovation journey, friends!  More developments to come 🙂

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have you considered pulling out the olive/sagey green in the rug? i think it might pair nicely with the black and brass combo.