1. I love how you didn’t go for the obvious theme. The fabric for the pillows reminds me of waves, so clever!

  2. Great fabric choices! We have some nautical elements in our home – my husband sails – so its hard not to be too literal with that theme (often because everything is so darn cute, I want to use it!)

  3. Ahoy matey! Thems calm seas ahead! Love, love, love your inspiration!

    Totally captured the book!

    Thanks for the inspiration rock star!

  4. Once again you nailed it Lindsay! I have two of the fur ottomans as well and had to put them away for Summer. Maybe all I need is a slipcover!

  5. I wonder why my comments don’t always show up when I try to add my website in the reply boxes?? Oh well, just wanted to say that I LOVE your style and look forward to you blogging full-time, it’s like a little present for me everytime you post something new! 🙂 ~Kim


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