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For years, I’ve looked at baby clothes and dreamed of dressing a little tiny one.  In fact, I got asked if I was pregnant many times by people who’d seen me pinning baby clothes….like two years ago.

Oh well, I was preparing in advance!

It can be hard to find cute, unique baby clothes, but I just found a new source I have to share!  They have adorable baby onesies and t-shirts that I know I’ll be ordering some.  Not only do they have cool products, but I love their shop name, The Studious Stag.  I have to share it with you guys!

Anytime you pair tiny baby clothes, antlers, and a little hippie flair, you’ve got me.  Here are some of my favorites baby tees.


{Buck Wild Tee}


{Roamer Tee}


{Hello Moon Tank}

And this one is called Bohemian Baby Girl Free Spirit Tee.  Pretty sure that was made for us.


{Free Spirit Tee}

They make a lot of these same prints in baby onesies.

Baby Onesies

{Baby Onesies}

I can’t wait to find out the gender and get a few of these in to save up for our little one.

You can read about all of our baby journey under the Baby Talk tab, under the Life heading up top.


  1. says

    First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! How exciting! I’m so thrilled for you and your husband. You will never love anything as much as you do your precious child, and you will become slightly obsessed with every little cute move and sound they make.
    Second of all, you ARE the perfect person to have a baby with this style! Lol! I guess I have a little hippie free spirit in me too, and a slight obsession with antlers! Thank you again for featuring my shop. I love your style and I can’t wait to see this wonderful little baby of yours.
    Lacey Jones

    • says

      Thank you, Lacey! I’m so in love with all of your stuff and can’t wait to get some for my little one! We find out soon what it is and then I can plan :)

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