Fly Your Freak Flag – Gypsy Soul Collective Style

This is a sponsored post by Gypsy Soul Collective.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Fringe Kimono and Tie Dye

I have loved working with this amazing brand for the past few months.  I’ve shared some of their fun clothes and bags in the past (here and here), but loved the idea of sharing a bit more background behind this company. 

I feel such a kinship with Holly, Gypsy Soul Collective‘s founder.  Like me, Holly has always loved that bohemian, hippie vibe.

Not only am I totally inspired by her style and her shop, but she is an English teacher with a love of literature (me too!  At least for two more weeks).  While Holly does have a day job teaching, she’s also a blogger for Skinny Mom and Lucky Mag.

Most importantly, Holly is a family gal.  She has two great kids and is married to her sweetheart, Kevin.  She’s unorganized, laid back, and loves walking barefoot through the grass.


The point is, Holly is a real girl.  Gypsy Soul Collective is not a big box company.  It’s run by this hippie, boho lover, mom of two who spends her evenings grading essays and just happens to love style.

Here is her initial inspiration behind this amazing, free-spirit brand.

Joni Mitchell

We all have those style inspirations like Anne who draw you to them and make you want to linger in their presence.  Anne did a lot to inspire Holly and Gypsy Soul Collective, where the whole goal is finding your inner hippie.

What I love most about Gypsy Soul Collective is that is for every woman.

Paisley Maxi Dress

 The customer base ranges from 18 to 60.  They’re not just for those with a deep pocket book (most items are under $50).  And they’re not even all for the extreme boho hippie.  There are so many different pieces that you can mix and match.

Holly is bringing comfort and serious style to all women regardless of their size, age, or means.


The kimonos are their most popular items and I am so not surprised.  They are my favorite thing I’ve gotten from there!

 And probably the biggest reason I’m drawn to Holly and her hippie brand is its purpose. She says her goal is to encourage women to step outside of the conventional clothes that most deem more suitable.


She wants women to come and shop around and put together items that they never thought would work for them.  She has such a diverse selection so that women can really explore and find their style.


Are you getting why I’ve connected with them so much?

Holly’s mission for Gypsy Soul Collective is so much like mine for White Buffalo.  We’re kindred, hippie spirits who just want to empower others to find what you truly love regardless of what others think.

Just like me, Holly is saying to the world, “Fly your style freak flag!”

Thank you for letting me share your story, Holly!


Fringe Kimono

Tie-Dye Drapey Tank

Paisley Maxi Dress


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