French Door Headboard

Today, I’m talking about doors re-purposed.

My friend Kristina finished a project recently that resembles one of our own and I wanted to share it with you.  I haven’t posted any bedroom updates in a while, but if y’all remember from way back, our headboard was made out of a french door.


You can read more about that here and here.

Recently, Kristina turned a french door into their new headboard and I love how it turned out!

She’s still deciding what kind of frames she wants for art over the bed.  Here’s what she’s working with:

I think they look pretty cute leaning.

But what do y’all think?

I think there’s so many options she could go with!  I love them leaning or you could do a gallery wall.

For either option I think a mix of frames would look good.  I think I would do some wood and some painted, but no black so they don’t blend in with the headboard.  Maybe some rustic ones or even colored?  Maybe one or two wood frames and then two colored.  A shade of blue or turquoise?

I love these two images that I found on Pinterest of very colorful gallery walls.

I love the mix of color and finishes, rustic and modern, here.

Since Kristina’s bedding and art is pretty neutral, I think you could have some fun with the frames, especially knowing how much Kristina loves color!

Leave some advice for her in the comments :)  Thank you for letting me post your headboard, Kristina!  I’ll have to share another photo when you get the pictures finished.  You can see her post here.

Speaking of headboards and our bedroom above, I can’t believe it stil isn’t finished!  Why is that we often leave our own bedrooms until last to finish?  I started with our bedroom.  I got it painted, the headboard done, the bedding, and the curtains.  Then I just moved on to the rest of the house!

I’ve started making some updates this summer and now just have some little details left.  My goal as soon as we get back from Nicaragua is to finish it and get it posted!  So, a final bedroom reveal to come very soon!


  1. says

    I definitely want to keep them leaning. I love the look.
    Oooo, good idea on wood. Especially since we have this random piece of furniture in our bedroom. It’s a vanity that belonged to Kurt’s great grandma, and I totally love it, but it’s stained cherry and doesn’t match the rest of the room. But some wood frames, and voila, it might look more on purpose!
    Although I love the idea of putting in another pop of color in there. My initial thought was turquoise too! Hah. I love that color, perhaps too much. But maybe a pretty robin’s egg blue? Or maybe pale blue mattes with wood frames? Hmmmm…
    Thank YOU for posting it! I’m so flattered! My pictures/bedroom definitely don’t look anywhere near as nice as yours, so I’m just tickled to be on your blog. :)

  2. Ashley says

    I love your headboard, Kristina! It looks so good. I think blue would be a nice color to add to your room.

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